1. Skyrider

    "Source" Thread Removed on accident :s

    When I removed my own posts within the source thread, I accidentally removed the whole thread. For those who are searching for the thread, my apologies. I couldn't cancel the action when I noticed it was about to remove the whole deal. I "could" recover the post, but the last forum backup was of...
  2. B

    ESF on HLF: S ?

    I'm sure this questions been asked before--sorry. but does ESF work for Half-Life: Source?
  3. J-Dude

    Looking for a Portable source of Power

    I'm working on getting the things I need to do a DBZ fan film, and I want to do some shooting out in Joshua Tree. I'm going to be using some colored lamps to help accentuate the Ki effects, but the obvious problem is, in the desert, there's not exactly a lot of power outlets...
  4. Deathshot

    Source Wars: DoD vs The Hidden This is soooo great.
  5. F

    ESF compatible with HL1 Source?

    As the title says: Is Earth's Special Forces compatible with HL1 Source? I was just wondering, because i like this mod a lot and I would want to play it with some of my friends but the only have Half - Life 1 Source and i'm not sure if it will work?
  6. Skyrider

    Looking for Free/Open Source Installer Creator

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a free/open source Installer maker that I can create any data file, music file, etc in to installation files (*.EXE). I've searched around the internet and I can only find shareware ones. Much help would be appreciated, Kind Regards, Skyrider
  7. Skyrider

    Open Source Browsing Games?

    I've seen many of those space/rpg browser games. Do you guys know any good open source ones? That you can freely download and to use on your own site?
  8. sub

    Black Mesa Source Mod of the mother ****ing century* *Other than ESF, of course.
  9. Z

    Ever make a Beta for the Source players?

    Will you's ever make a Beta using the HL2 engine for the source players? :p
  10. C

    Reason to why not porting to source?

    First off all, I really appreciate how you guys sticked with the HL1 engine and pushed the mod into new limits. I love the HL1 engine and would prefer it over source any day. Anyway, I was having a conversation with my friend today and wondered why didn't you guys ported ESF to source and...
  11. E

    EVS source out.

    Everything you need to know is in the readme file, this is of no use to anyone really but to people who want to learn about ESF modding so go ahead and have fun with it. I'm pretty sure most of values still work for 1.3 ( ? needs confirmation on this one ) but the general style of how you do...
  12. X

    esf source?

    (sorry about asking) is there going to be a ESF source?
  13. hleV

    ESF installer source file

    Hi. I'm here to ask for ESF installer source file. I mean the .nsi file, from which I need to take some functions like checking if folder has hl.exe file and forcing the starting directory to be Steam directory. O maybe someone can tell me those functions?
  14. B

    Half life or half life source?

    which half life do i need to play this game? regular half life or the source version?
  15. shadowcast

    Black Mesa Source

    Hey guys....does anybody know of the mod above? Well for those who don't know it, its a remake of HL1 in HL2 engine....with new models and everything. I really look forward into playing this, even Valve congratulated them some time ago via the steam client, so if you guys want to take a look...
  16. VideoJinx

    Life Source turned into a "commodity"

    I haven't heard about this until today, only 8 more months until 2009 folks :notice:
  17. VideoJinx

    Life Source turned into a "commodity"

    I haven't heard about this until today, only 8 more months until 2009 folks :notice:
  18. Spunky

    Zombie Panic: Source I swear, this is my new favorite HL2 mod. Been playing it for the last couple of days and holy crap, it's so much fun!!!
  19. A


    well, I am a cheapskate when it comes to my PC gaming... and haven't bought half life at all... so I was wondering if you guys have a source version for half life 2 (that one, I bought) planned... or am I gonna have to shoot out $10 for half life on steam?...
  20. KarrdeKNR

    HL2, possibly Source errors

    Ok, so now Karrde has a decent computer. It runs HL2 in 1920 X 1200, everything on high, 6xAA (guess I could try to force more) 16x AF. Point being, 2 annoying problems. 1. My ammo indicator doesn't display correctly. I get like a partial box. I have no damn idea how much ammo I have...