1. Effigy

    Alpha 2 Source Code

    Hey you know how the alpha source code was on the front page.. well obviously its gone now so could someone post the link here plz?
  2. T

    a moving aura?

    is there a way that they could make a moving aura...or will that create to many lag problems. but they could make it user only or somethin plz respond to this i wanna hear all sides :laff:
  3. D.C. Darkling

    modeling with MShape... Notes

    Hya all.. So ya got milkshape huh? trial, normal, whatever.. ya got it.. and now you want to model. First I suggest to read this little site: If you did that you got a basic concept. Now before we start we want to deside if we make a new...
  4. Vengaurd

    tranforming animations

    i cant seem to find out what file tells half life what things to use in the transformations (gokus lightning, rocks, aura ect.) any help here would be nice
  5. Vengaurd

    beam size

    is there a way to modify the size of any given beam? i tried editing the sprite but it did nothing for me... oohhh.... that makes me think of an bout this: remove the ki restrictions on beams so that you dont automaticly fire them, they just keep getting stronger. thats how it...
  6. D

    how do i become a beta testeR?

    How do you become a betA tester?? :]
  7. Bryggz

    new project, same old story

    ok everyone wants an "electricity aura", correct? well, im on my way, ive already created a model that has seperate "electric bolts" inside of the aura, all i need to do is figure out how to change their color, and give them some animations, and we can have ourselves a nice badass aura :) so ima...
  8. Pommy

    new sig good?

    i made this sig earlyer today. I aint the best but i dont think I suck :P. I don use tutorials, its from scratch. :D sig changed (below) is it good ? :D
  9. Kain

    SSj2 lightning aura

    is there a lightening aura out there for download?
  10. P

    Kai planet

    I think that someone should make a map for teh kai planet. I think that the z-sword should be put in too. I would attempt to make it but im working on a model right now. Think about it
  11. B

    Question about the source code

    I just wanted to know what we are exactly allowed to do with the source code that was just released. Say for example I wanted to make my own mod that was totally unrelated I would be allowed to use the source code as ground work as long as I gave proper credit?
  12. S

    Missing header file from Beta 2 source

    I am recieiving a number of errors stating that the compiler can't find "../fmod/inc/fmod.h" which is included in the hud.h. I have been unable to locate this file as it is not in the Half-Life SDK. And yes, I'm am using the most recent version, 2.3. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. E

    source code

    i just downloaded the new alpha2.0 source code at the home page and i am jsut wondering why some files are in a folder called CL-DLL and some are in a folder called DLLS. What is the difference between them and the files in them?
  14. L

    ESF Source Code Error?????

    --------------------Configuration: cl_dll - Win32 Debug-------------------- Compiling... ev_hldm.cpp c:\windows\desktop\alpha_20\cl_dll\cl_dll.h(36) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: '../engine/cdll_int.h': No such file or directory hl_baseentity.cpp fatal error C1083: Cannot...
  15. I

    I need some map Ideas.

    I need some good map ideas for a beginner, ones that would be fairly easy to do... but would take more than 5 minutes :). Also.. I recently made a map. It has a large arena in the middle and a big cage surrounding it. When you run into the cage your insta-killed. Dont know why i wanted to share...
  16. M

    the source of esf

    wil it Be released with the beta??? so i can fix up some bugs...and make an FUSIONDANCE in a top C++ woker ..i do it as my job...making money like $10.000 a month...if somone wants to give the alphas source it would be great 2....ill be gladd...or release it with beta... thanks...
  17. T

    flash sig

    what do you have tro type to make a flash sig in here