1. Z Power

    Path of Exile (Similar to Diablo Series)

    I wouldn't normally show interest in this genre, since I haven't played anything similar, but what the heck, there might be other people who enjoy it, especially since Diablo III isn't out yet. They will be doing Public Stress Testing on March 30 till...
  2. -Origin

    Wondering if anyone knows any bands similar to HURT?

    They're not a terribly well-known band, but I really like their music. I was wondering if anyone knew any similar bands. I was told to listen to Biffy Clyro and it's not bad, but it's not quite what I'm looking for. Here's some examples of HURT songs; Rapture (one of their best in my...
  3. MinioN

    Fraps-nah.Any other similar programs?

    I make game records only with fraps but this time i download it and when i try to make video> BOOM game stops(not almost.EX: my lag is 100 ingame.BUT when i turn on fraps with F9 key my lag become 1000.) Do you know any other similar programs?
  4. KidMan

    Games similar to Pokemon

    I'm looking for games that are similar in the Pokemon style. Going out and getting pet-things to fight for you. I know of the Pokemon games and of Dragon Warrior Monster for the GBC.
  5. B

    Sony patented technique similar to the Wii-mote :S self explnatory, call me a nintendo fan or whatever but i always loved Sony more but this is juist ridicilious, whether you deny this or not, it's just another copy. You can go on to say...
  6. Gogeta91

    edit model to fit esf trunks

    theres a model i found that sux and could sumone edit it to fit the original esf trunks. put on the capsule corp skin with a sword i doesn't hav a sword. and when it does b attack f buster and ki beam he does sumthin wierd if u could edit it tnx. here it is...
  7. Death The Jedi

    Red Metal Vortex

    Not My Usual Style.. the name sucks.. I'm posting it here for some of you people with better minds than mine to critisize, and maybe help me name it so I can start working on the 2d aspect of this peice..
  8. [SAS]Orion

    Beginner at work!

    yes I bought myself a camera! I know I don't know much about taking photographs, in fact I know nothing apart from point and shoot, making my photographs lack composition and clarity o_O Anyway, i'd like to show this shot of some greenery near my house (there's not much to shoot in my town...
  9. Y

    Buzz Lightyear!!??

    Hello to everybody! I had an idea, which pleases me and I shall like subjecting it, what would tell you to do Buzz Lightyear????????
  10. S

    Multiple similar attachments? Possible?

    I jsut want to know if there is a way to tell the mdoel in the qc to use multiple attachments. Like $attachment 1 "Bip01 L Hand" 0.800000 0.000000 0.800000 $attachment 1 "Bip01 R Hand" 0.800000 0.000000 0.800000 This doesn't work, it just shows up the first one listed there. Is the...
  11. Death The Jedi


    Another creation of mine, tell me what you think:
  12. Nuttzy

    env_model?, solid?

    im learning mapping ive learned all the usually missed steps from bob and a few other people, i HAVE got maps in game, now i made a model of samus's spaceship, it shows up ingame just fine id post a screenie, but im about to go to sleep, but its not solids, you can walk right through it, how do...
  13. L


    Ok new map.... nc_desert screen shots i took the screen shots in valve hammer editor becouse i haven't compilie it yet, im just about to.... and i just hope the fps are ok... well tell me what ya think...
  14. Enforcer ICE

    Map request (if this has been done or something similar, please let me know)

    I just finished playing ape_city courtesy of Bio_Brolly, and I fell in love with that building he made with the breakable glass, and elevator doors. However esf_city is still my fav. map. my Request is basically esf_city or something very closely resembling it, with alot of buildings that have...
  15. Demi-Shadow

    Link banner

    Click the link to visit MLOC forums, sign up and join in with the discussions! (cheap plug) Tell me what you guys think of this as an affilate button for my forum. If it's good enough I might ask about affilating with ESF, and maybe some other sites. Thanks
  16. dudeman

    my wp's..

    lo all. since ive been inactive here for quite a long time i'd like to show you what i made in that time.. these wallpapers are shown in chronologic order (so the oldest first and when u scroll down u see the newer ones)
  17. Saiya-jin Jin

    Esf Wallpaper???

    Hey guys wouldnt it be possible for u to rate and post our ESF wallpapers.. it wud be our way of thanking u and leeting ESF spread.... maybe u can hold, wallpaper of the week kind of competitions.. would keep ppl coming back to site! Junaid PS check out my signature, notice anything different?
  18. L

    help me in milkshape

    k i finally got the hang of modeling and im working on a face... it looks really good but in the 3d veiw (on smooth mode) it looks all black with little lighting.. its the same under the flat shaded mode... im i doing something wrong in the program? the model does look good so far.. dont got...
  19. B

    can someone make this ?

    I found this on a website but can someona at least make this pic as a model????? I know this is fake
  20. T

    ssj2 goku model request!!!

    i havent seen an ssj2 goku model 4 esf can someone pls.....make a model.....if u know where to get it pls....tell me the site..