1. Viper

    HEREAFTER Featurette: Visual Effects Shot Breakdowns Reel EDIT: Since it seems that the mentally handicapped won't understand what this thread is about: I'm amazed about how the water was recreated in 3D so faithfully and I find the realism of most scenes jaw dropping!
  2. Synth

    Arizona Congresswoman Shot I'm sure we have all heard about this, but someone found his Youtube account. It's very creepy. At what point do we stop the insanity of politics?
  3. Tenzo

    Akira Toriyama's One Shot "Kintoki"

    Anyone else read it? I thought it was pretty nice. Leaving aside the db/z motifs ofc. :)
  4. M


    OK? NOW...
  5. final shine

    and another shot at this

    well i made this simple map so i can learn how , to add a sky, how to use the compile tools and other stuff i need to know, the map has no problems so, is it safe to compile it in that state or do i need to add more stuff?
  6. dan_esf_fanatic

    F-117 shot down by ANTI-SHOWER rocket!

    Well, a while ago me and my friends were talking about the bombing of 1999, and one of them said that he heard the F-117, stealthed pride and joy of the american airforce, was taken down by an ordinary, domestic, anti-shower rocket. For those of you who don't know, it's a rocket that is usually...
  7. S

    Anyone wanna give this a shot? (something for bleach fans)

    I'd love to read the replies, but for some reason i cant see anything in this thread :(
  8. Epedemic_Optikz

    President Bush shot and killed during conference.

    allow me to start off the "fools" day.
  9. -Origin

    My shot at a Spawn sig. o_o

    Yeah I wanted to work on a sig some more but couldn't think of a stock to use... then I came across the Spawn thread and figured Spawn is a kickass character to use.. so yeah. Here it is. I.. kinda like it.. myself. o_o
  10. Z

    piccolos scatter shot

    is ther anyway possible to increase piccolos scatter shots? cuz u can only make 7 i no in 1.3 they can make it stop moving when u fire it? is ther anyway possible to increase the numbers of the scattershot? i think thers a mod that can increase it i dunno i think ive seen it b4 like the person...
  11. Pieter Paul Rubens

    D-12's Proof shot.. Thought some of you might care.. I for one don't care that much, but I do pay my respects to his family, friends and fans.
  12. ZeroNightmare

    Scatter Shot and Renzoku Changes

    -Scatter Shot I think it would be cool if the balls went out in an arc a little ways and stopped, like when picc does his hellzone grenade attack on 17. Then you could left click and fire them, like kame torpedos. -Renzoku (Vegeta's ki blast thing) Dont know what its called :( I think...
  13. S

    Fusion was shot down, but what if...

    I know fusion was shot down, but if they included the fusion characters, like Vegito and Gogeta, as seperate characters. I know people have made their own custom skins and models for them, but they are important characters. Maybe for EVM, but ESF should have it.
  14. SuperSayianNeo

    Screen Shot?

    Ok so I'm in a LAN game with CTDB right? so I make about 13 wishes and then all of a sudden I start lagging like 5000 ping lag. Then I get a message that I have extreamly low disk space on my C drive. now I had wondered about that cause I had over a gig left. Comes to find out that the game...
  15. Chitenga

    Piccolo's Scatter Shot

    Well im suggesting this because the current scatter shot works like a Renzoku (sp?) (You know Rapid Ki blast). All you need to do is hold both Primary and secondary fires to kill your enemy in a hail of ki blast. What i want is so piccolo's scatter shot is more like the KameTorpedos exept im...
  16. Q

    CS:Source Screen Shot Thread

    Hmmm im bored and sick today so I figured I'd spam the esf forums with some ****. So here it is the definitive CS:Source screen shot thread. Post all your good source screens heres three to get us started off *edited out for language - WG*
  17. Ultimate Trunks


    Can someone please tell me how to transfer a screen shot to a thread I have some screen shots I want to put in some of my threads P.S. A picture tells all words
  18. HaLLiS

    picollo's scatter shot

    Ive noticed tht in esf when u fire scatter shot the ki blasts keep movin and dont "pause" in the air like they do in the show, i reckon they should make it so that wen u fire the scatter shot they go a certain distance then pause and wait till u hit right click , what do you guys thnk?
  19. FreeDoM

    Scrimmage Shot

    Here's my scrimmage shot of the day: <br> <a href=""><img src="" WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=300 > <br><br></img></A>
  20. W

    Ki shot beam trail

    is it possible to add a beam trail to each ki shot? I think that it might look really cool to have it. It makes it more dbz like.