1. D

    Powerlevel Server settings

    how in the config for the server to i tell it to increase for everyone the ratio of points they get for their powerlevel for hits and kills they get so i can have it so i can have people get super sayain level with in 10 mins of play as well as not loose powerlevel each time they die simple...
  2. SierraSonic

    Optimal Graphical Settings

    I put this into my userconfig.cfg for optimal GFX, tell me if I shoudl add or change anything.
  3. M

    I need to know how Monitor Refresh Settings influence the FPS of ESF - ingame - ifany

    DISPLAY PROPERTIES >> SETTINGS SETTINGS >> ADVANCED >> MONITOR MONITOR >> MONITOR SETTINGS >> SCREEN REFRESH RATE SCREEN REFRESH RATE >> 60 - 144 HERTZ, currently is 60! also my currently MAX_FPS is 60! I want to knowbs is I would make refresh rate lets say 85, I want to knowbs is it will...
  4. X

    Invisibility on Textures Question

    DragonDude and Satan made some texures that need to be invisible. They changed the background to the blue (I think) but when I change the settings (Solid, 255) it doesn't show up invisible on Half-Life although it does in ESF, is there a reason why?
  5. Yazuken

    using models

    I was wondering if there is anyway to use models in esf without replacing the regular chars.
  6. E

    DBAF Model of USSJ5 GOKU

    Do You Like My Model
  7. E

    Can Someone Release Ussj Brolly plz And Sjj4Vegeta

    Can Some make ssj4 vegeta becaus i download it from and it open another file but not vegeta Make Ussj Brolly plz plz plz plz Dont Like Eminem Thats Why He Kill You C:\Documents and Settings\TigeR-BoY\Мои документы\Полученные файлы\blind4.gif
  8. G

    Goten beta 1.1

    please make a Young Goten normal+ssj for beta 1.1 the old one dosent work just look here after i fiered blueatack
  9. Lone Wolf

    Renders in Bryce

    Ive been trying some renders... and it takes me 5-10 min to get 3% of the rendering done.... If I dont render it, and save it... would it come out jaggy? or the same? Ive tried.... and it kinda looks a little jaggy... when I rendered half of it and canceled because it was taking to long.... But...
  10. DragonDude

    Right now it's just a prefab, hopefully a map later.

    I was thinking of new ideas for a map awhile ago, and I got one that I thought would look nice. It's going to be styled like Ancient Greece. Here are screenshots of what I was talking about in the title.
  11. DragonDude

    Lighting Problem

    You know that light error I had while making my esf_moon map? (It still isn't released cuz DJ-Ready is trying to fix it :fight: ) The one where there's light everywhere as if there is a leak but there isn't? And I have light entities. Well I was starting another map and I had this same problem...
  12. Jonesdaniel

    gforce 4 mx 420 opengl settings (annyoyin arent i)

    Sorry about ANOTHER post about my settings, i promise this will be a last ;) Opengl settings, need a bit of advice since i figure this is the reason why halflife isnt running as well as it used to with my tnt2 pro but all my other games do run better with my new geforce 4 mx 420 (games such...
  13. V

    FOR PEOPLE WITH Error: Could not find WAD

    Ok I think I have found soemthing here... If you use Worldcraft\Hammer to make your map and you export the .RMF to .MAP . For some reason when you export the .MAP file it doesnt include the WAD file Hard drive Directory name, Ex. C:/ D:/. To fix this all you have to do is open your exported .MAP...
  14. Z

    a glow outline

    can someone tell me how to outline my ppl with i glow in my sigs i out photoshop 7.0 , i just can find out where im suppost to go
  15. M

    Problems with running map

    Hey, I got my map all set up (its a basic model of what i want my map to look like though). I compiled it without error except that it took no time whatso ever and the map file is less then 1 kb in size. hlcsg v2.5.3 rel (May 2 2001) Based on Valve's version, modified with permission...
  16. Ranma

    How do i get my settings back?

    I'm so glad this board has a off-topic, cause i'm in need of help. I was downloading a tutorial on how to use milkshape, instead all it does is changes all my settings (it was a hack in the zip file i guess), now i need to change them back, but how do these : When i click search on the...
  17. D

    How do u make the tips glow on a pic?

    how did USSJ_Vegeta do this? plz tell me. it would help me a lot!
  18. A

    I need ESF worldcraft settings

    Where can i find the settings for making a map for ESF.:cry: