1. O

    Need some help with the video settings.

    Jus like the title suggests, it's been years since I've played regular HL let alone ESF, well I decided to play it for fun once again but for some odd reason I keep on lagging really bad & my FPS drops down to 3-8 during melee battles sometimes, I've put the video settings on software so I could...
  2. B

    Server Settings

    I have a ECX RC2 Big Pack server and im trying to change the server settings, I cant seem to change any options other then the mains ones, For example, I cant change The option so mpeoples Powerlevels dont equal out when a newcommer fights someone who has been on the server for a while.
  3. hleV

    Melee Settings 1.0

    Melee Settings 1.0 by hleV @
  4. Raine

    Video Settings

    I was just wondering if someone could post up what the best (highest) possible video settings/options for ESF are. I sent my old computer into best buy and they somehow managed to blow up a good piece of the motherboard, so i got a brand new crazy computer with a new video card and tons of...
  5. Morvin

    Game settings are automatically erased and some windowns of settings appear in blank

    Does anyone know how to fix this?
  6. B

    amx mod x admin settings

    can someone explain how to set the admins,or direct me to a manual or something.... i did some of it myself but it doesnt work i set up the users corectly i moved admin plugins into core plugins wrote the exe in server cfg and nothing
  7. dan_esf_fanatic

    Will these settings hurt my monitor and/or TV?

    Well I decided to switch to 1152x864 resolution today, even tho I have a 17'' monitor. Gotta say it looks a lot better than 1024x768, but I heard that it can strain your monitor or something. I'm not that good with hardware, so I wasn't able to confirm this myself. So now it looks like this...
  8. R

    Settings >=)

    first thing is SHHH careface, it's my post. ;) so yea, can anyone post their cam settings here for me to try ;D like right now im using default_fov 100, cam_idealdist 100, cam_xoffset 2 (only someties) cam_yoffset 2 ( only sometimes ) and sense 7.5, and i used to know more commands that help...
  9. webber

    Key settings

    What key config should i use, if i have a normal keyboard and a 3 button mouse? I'm asking this with the hope of improving my playing style. Oh and almost forgot, is there any way to make the crosshair move like in normal HL,( i mean when i move then mouse the crosshair moves first and after...
  10. J

    Help, Options In Video Card Settings Missing...

    Hi, I'm missing options in my video card settings. 2 of them are Overclocking Options, and Refresh Rate Override. I'm not sure if i'm missing more, but im surely missing those two. So, please can someone help me with this problem, I must have it not showing or something somehow, ive...
  11. |Overlord|

    Your esf settings

    Title says all 1152x864 Resolution OpenGL w/ 6xAA & 16xAF on 128MB Radeon 9600PRO. FPS never goes below 50 for me in most situations. Default Controls 16.5 Mouse sensitivity on Logitech MX510.
  12. dan_esf_fanatic

    Can't change game settings.

    Okay here's my problem: When I run ESF and try to create a server, I try to change my game settings, like the invulnerable time after spawn, and the "Get closer powerlevel to server's average of death." However, when I run the game, the setting stayed the same, as if I didn't change them. Then...
  13. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Upgrading to new Firefox while retaining old FF settings

    I want to upgrade my Firefox browser, but when I do the search for updates that's built in, it doesn't find any. I looked for an 'update' to bring my version up, but can't seem to find any info on one. I want to keep all my themes, plugins, and passwords/bookmarks/history info. Is there a way I...
  14. imkongkong

    help with settings for hlcc

    my zhlt compiler stopped workin piece of shiznits ;/ i get an error i have no freakin idea why i'm getting this error now, i have no idea what i did. =\ if anyone could help me find a solution to this, please help me in the meantime, i downloaded HLCC. i can't find anywhere what my...
  15. A

    How do you change server connection settings?

    Hi, Im setting up a game between two computers on a LAN. The problem is that one of the computers is very old and while it can run ESF, the loading times are very bad. When trying to connect to the game it times out. I have followed the performace tweaks sticky and it helped but didnt solve...
  16. L

    PL Settings on Hosted games?

    Sorry if you guys get asked this constantly. Im finding it vary difficult to gain any advanced levels, The reason im even playing this is because of my deep love in being able to assend and decend in levels. I would like to be able to host my own game where everyones PL is already maxed...
  17. B

    Server Settings

    i dont know which is the correct forum to post, but i though newbie central might work seeing as though i dont have a clue why its doing this. basically, when i start a server after altering the map and all the server settings, the only thing that changed from the defaults is the map.. i have...
  18. D

    Problem involving Installation, Steam, Settings you name it....

    Allright I'm having the worst time with ESF. I've checked the boards and I'm not seeing anyone else with this specific same problem, so let me begin. There are 2 client <ESF1.2> files to download, correct (Full and Lite)? I downloaded the full version (213MB). I've recently reinstalled...
  19. T

    Game forgets alway my settings

    How come he always forget my settings : I alway have to activate: mp3 player smoke after explosions Beamqualaty best 3d partic.. 24- Bit tex. How come i always have to activate them again ?
  20. K


    i was wondering if anyone new what the best settings to have if you are playing on a 56kb modem? Is there anything i can get to get a better ping?
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