Problem involving Installation, Steam, Settings you name it....

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May 11, 2004
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Allright I'm having the worst time with ESF. I've checked the boards and I'm not seeing anyone else with this specific same problem, so let me begin.

There are 2 client <ESF1.2> files to download, correct (Full and Lite)? I downloaded the full version (213MB). I've recently reinstalled Half-life, so I had a "fresh start," version I updated it to v I then proceeded to install the Full version of ESF.

When I go to open the shortcut, it says it can't find "steam.exe." So then I download steam, but all that seems to do is let me play via the internet. In ESF 1.1, i could simiply go into "multiplayer, LAN, create game, and play with bots or friends on my LAN. I cant seem to do this with "steam." So I open up Hl.exe and go to custom game and load it up. I then proceed to start the game, and when the game loads, the resolution is a 640x480 and it is incrediably laggy. So I exit, and modify the resolution to 1024x768. I then reload the game and it's still the same....(during the loading of esf, it gives different errors on loading files.)

So now, i've tried starting ESF like i use to in 1.1, by the making a shortcut with this as the target... "C: \SIERRA\Half-Life\hl.exe" -game esf -console"
It ends up loading an ESF interface, but when I go to the load game screen, it gives me a list of Half-life maps.

So I check out ESF's link for installation and it talks about 2 different ways to install, the WON version, or Steam version, and i mentioned i download the Full ESF version, (213MB). So what is the difference between WON and Steam, and how do i know which one i have? And is there anyone just to simply install ESF 1.2 and play via LAN, or is the Internet the only way to play it now? I run a 56k modem, as DSL is not available where I live, so i get shafted from playing online.

Anyone who can provide insight and help, it would greatly be appreciated.

P.S. I don't think reinstalling ESF or half-life will do me any good, as I've done it 4 times.
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Feb 22, 2003
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Alright. There is no possible way this can fail, don't reply back untill you've tried it.

You have steam correct?

1) Uninstall steam (make sure you remember your account)
2) Go to and download the steam.exe thing from "Get steam now" (It's only like 2 megabites now, and its just 1 file not a bunch for diff games)
3) Install steam
4) Update the half-life game, and make sure you go into it so the steam apps > your-email > half-life directory shows up.
5) Install esf to the steam folder it tells you to, if it doesnt show you it will be this (c:\Valve\steam\steamapps\your email\Half-life
6) Restart steam, and your computer.
7) go into esf (Don't use the short cut it gives you, go to steam, games, look under third party it will have Earth's special forces)

This should work, if it doesn't post here on what the problem is after following these instructions.

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