PL Settings on Hosted games?

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Aug 15, 2004
Sorry if you guys get asked this constantly.

Im finding it vary difficult to gain any advanced levels, The reason im even playing this is because of my deep love in being able to assend and decend in levels.

I would like to be able to host my own game where everyones PL is already maxed out so theres no point in having to kill others just to get it up.

Any ideas on how to do this or are you guys planning to maybe add something like that into the game at a later time.

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Nov 18, 2002
There is no way to modify your powerlevel with a command. You have to fight or blast people to raise your powerlevel. If youre new, of course its going to take you longer, because its harder to get in hits to gain powerlevel.

Commands like this will not be added to any public releases. Youre going to have to fight to obtain your desired powerlevel.

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