1. gerald324

    Esf 1.3 character selection bug Without Names How tO fix it?

    Guys Help Me please,.......
  2. Eon

    Natural Selection 2

    Even though Karrde had an alpha thread way back I'll go ahead and make this one. Anyone getting this game? I preordered it a long time ago and nearly forgot I had it, been playing the beta these past few weeks and have been having a LOT of fun with this game, just like I did with the first...
  3. C

    Character selection taunt?

    I dont know what its called, but have you seen in budokai games when the fight starts after the map has loaded and you and your opponent make a statement before the fight starts e.g Goku: alright! lets do this! Vegeta: Ive been waiting for this kakarot! On the esf Updates you guys posted...
  4. Dawntilldusc

    Problem with character selection in Beta 1.3

    I've installed the beta .exe and run it correctly. I can play the game, but when selecting my character, it is the default esf 1.2.3 screen w/ a few ad's like Ginyu and Android 18. I have seen what it's supposed to look like, and haven't been able to produce that result even after uninstalling...
  5. Mkilbride

    Natural Selection 2 - Two for the price of one Holiday sale. Any generous souls out there that plan to buy the game and wanna give me a copy?:P
  6. J

    Please help with ECX

    Using Steam V. 1.2.3 of ESF Trying to run ECX and Big Pack Installing into Half-Life Video Mode in use OpenGL Ok, i have Esf123, Ecx, and big pack installed. I have been working for 3 days straight trying to figure out why my ECX Class Selection screen does not come up. Its just the...
  7. KarrdeKNR

    Natural Selection 2 Alpha Date Set - Last Chance to Pre-Order the Special Edition After waiting for ages it's finally coming :) I've been watching them put this game together for some time now. I played the bajesus out of NS1 so in repayment I preordered the SE version of NS2 last year. It's really starting...
  8. Skyrider

    Natural Selection 2 Engine Test now on Steam!

    Pretty awesome if you ask me! :D.. This is the second email I received: Pretty neat :D
  9. Slofreak

    Character Selection Menu Suggestion

    i was thinking of ingame menu when your selecting charaters. First camera is showing all the characters on one map, some being far away some closer some on the left some on the right and doing stuff like goku streaching, Vegeta is turned away from the view being a badass lol, buu is i dunno...
  10. Skyrider

    Natural Selection II : Friday update - Lerk reveal

    Source: Check the news link for the whole story as it's quite big. <object width="580" height="360"><param name="movie"...
  11. KarrdeKNR

    Organic Indie Preorder Pack (Natural Selection 2 and Overgrowth) Looks like they're puting up a combined preorder push for the same price as the standard NS2 SE. You can check the individual sites for perks, but briefly... Alpha access for both games (though NS2 only has alpha...
  12. Flink_Power

    [Question]Character selection screen in Ecx RC2

    Hi! I would like to know if it is possibel to put the character selection screen of esf 1.3 open beta final in ecx? And one tiny question why there is no more beta for the 1.3? Please Esf Team made leave another them:cry:
  13. KarrdeKNR

    Natural Selection 2 - Alpha Version of Spark Engine Tools Released

    So Unknown Worlds released the alpha version of their tools, which currently only contains the map editor. Although there's only a few parts done and even fewer entities, props, etc, it's looking pretty good. Much easier than hammer ever was. I spent the last few hours playing around and...
  14. Suh Dude

    Natural Selection 2, it better be damn good

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  15. A

    new character selection screen for rc2 esforces

  16. Damaera

    Update #3 - Character Selection Screen

    ESF :: Update #3 Welcome to our third update! Earlier this week the Coders implemented the new Character Selection screen. This Character Selection screen will be in the finalized 1.3 update. Please enjoy! <object width="432" height="340"><param name="movie"...
  17. vahn9

    natural selection 2

    for you fans of ns there working on ns 2
  18. MinioN

    Half Life: Natural Selection

    This mod look pretty cool.I just download it but i can't start it.After i install in my HF directory there is no shortcut to start the game.Cna you tell me how to make shortcut myself so i can start it.I tried likethis: "D:\Half Life\hl.exe" -game Natural Selection".What is missing? Homepage...
  19. |Xiphos|

    Character Selection?

    How do i get 2 choose custom models? all i hav after loading a map is the old character selection menu but with ginyu and 18 in it, but i cant find any 'custom models' :cry: how do i get it to work???