1. R

    My First Skin (Rikimaru)

    This is my second model ever with my first skin ever... I know there are problems this way and that... but I'm satisfied I guess... Um, if someone can tell me... I'm using 3ds Max 4... on all the multiple uvw unwraps I saved the thing (uvw)... was that neccessary for each one? also.. I have a...
  2. R

    .mdl !!!!!!!!

    I've notice that all half-life stuff models etc contain .mdl My files are all .max and I don't have a .mdl do you know where I could download something that will let me import/export .mdl files? Thanks
  3. R

    In need of 3DS Max help

    Okay, I put this in another post of mine, but I figure it would hardly be viewed... but I made a body in one "map" in 3DS Max, and a Head in a new "map"/file. They are bothed saved as .max I want to get the head map/file to go into the body map/file. If one were saved .3DS then I would know...
  4. B

    door problem

    If anyone uses worldcraft could u tell me how to use doors?
  5. B

    How to install???

    Well, I dowloaded some Skins from the side of sig master or something I can't remember the name exactly! So i downladed it but how can I install it? I created a new file but i doesen't work than I but it in the file of an old Skin but now there's only a Model like these from Gohan an Krilin...
  6. B

    My gun model

    Ok, don't be to harsh. This is my first model that I've ever gone this far with. I did it with a side reference of a Beretta 92FS (not elite). it was tough because the angle was kind of from the bottom. It doesn't have details like the safety, sights and even the hammer yet but I will...
  7. Akhkaru

    MS3D UV mapping?

    How do you UV map in MS3D, cause I wanna skin models I am planning on doing :)
  8. S

    hey vass

    after i skin map something in lightwave, where the hell does it go? or did i just do it wrong?
  9. G

    Hey Vassago I got a question for you

    Since you use lightwave, I was wondering maybe if you have used 3d studio max, you could tell me which one YOU think is better, yes I know its pretty much preference but like which is overall better, break it down for me if you don't mind.
  10. Q

    Man Do I Feel Stupid Asking This

    ok i feel really stupid asking this question because it is such a basic thing. I figured since it had to do with photoshop i could post it in the art work forum but if that isnt the case then just close the topic or w/e. Anyways i was wondering if there was a really good way to cut something out...
  11. Akhkaru


    Well, I decided to use MS3D. I have my model made n all, but I can't export it into a HL SMD... It says "Invalid bone assignment to vertex, Model not Exported!" How can I do this?
  12. Antoine3323


    Alright, Im attempting to make my first map and whenever I try to select a character, the server restarts!! Whats wrong??? Could it be the entities??? And what entities are needed??? This is my first try so I need a lot of help, and yes, I read a tutorial!! Then again, it was one for Firearms...
  13. Antoine3323

    SSJ3 Goku

    Anyone wanna make one?? That'd be tight!!! Cuz, Ive already attempted and it turned out horribly!! LOL
  14. SSJ-Roach

    Making an Aura?

    Just wanted to know how all you pro's make those great looking aura's in your sig. I'm not talking program here I was just wondering if you used smudge, or erase, or anything else that helps you get those things. Thanx
  15. Son Goten


    how do you make sigs?? i have paint shop pro 7, i could get photoshop, but i find that very complicated and hard to use. how do you get the pics so smooth along the endes when you cut them out from the original background?? mine always look jagged. how do you do it?? :cry: