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Dec 16, 2001
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Since you use lightwave, I was wondering maybe if you have used 3d studio max, you could tell me which one YOU think is better, yes I know its pretty much preference but like which is overall better, break it down for me if you don't mind.


Yes, I have 3dsmax, and I have used it on occaison.

Personally, I find Lightwave to be better. It's UV system is very straightforward, and doesnt require model breakdown to create the UV maps. The modeling interface is also much cleaner and faster. You don't need to fumble around with stacks, or editable mesh modifiers to move a point or polygon. You just select it, and move it ;)

Max has MAD plugin support, and is easy to code new plugins for. That is the ONLY reason max is the preferred app in the gaming industry.

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