1. S

    ssj 3 vegeta help

    i know that vegeta doesn't go ssj 3 but im editing some models to make him. but i don't know how to weld the parts(i'm welding hair to head). i read D.C. Darkling's notes but it wouldn't work. pleaz help me. thanx :)
  2. D

    more then one wish with the dragonballs

    hey is there anyway to be able to make more then one wish with the dragonballs if so please let me know i want to see if i can fix it on my server so u cant do that:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  3. K

    How i put Bardock on the game?

    i have the mod of Bardock and i dont now how i put it on the game )-: someone can help me plz......
  4. S

    Map Making Help!

    Im trying to make a ESF map but i ran into a problem. When ever i go to test the map the game loads fine but after you choose you person i get a trakerui.dll error and it loads the choose your guy screen and repeats. Someone plz help me! thx;)
  5. L

    How Do I Convert My Sig??

    Sup, I made a sig from photoshop 7 and the file extension is a psd file. But it says when i try to upload my sig to a host is that the exstention needs to be a .gif .jpg .jpeg .png. Someone help me find a way to convert this file??? Thx
  6. D

    i need a little help

    okay i use milkshape and i decompiled the gohan mdl an imported the gohan.cmd and edited and saved but then in game i see no changes so plz help
  7. Vegito1180


    How Do I Make A Grid On My Sig?
  8. T

    Question about milkshape

    im in the middle of making that model in the tutorial and i have a problem, when they said put down some vetices(on page 10 of the tutorial) how do i select the vertex again. i tried to goto select then highlight them but it doesnt work and i do have it on vertex in the select buttonO_O
  9. A

    Ssjgohan2 Help

    I create ssj2gohan an its ok i can export this model but when i try to compile the qc milkshape always say unknown attachment link 'Bip01 R Finger11' Help Help Help
  10. A

    Picolo with cape

    Hi its my second model but it wont work Ill cant create a .mdl file milkshape always says found vertex without bone assigment ..... a good modler Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Eclipse

    how to Edit ESF?

    i've seen a lot of new skin being put out for current ESF would i go about making my own? i've never used the HL engine before, so it's new to me, anyone wanna help? or got a link to a nice tut?
  12. J

    esf crach with own maded map

    ive compiled it with zhlt253 when i enter esf and type map test in console it returns to desktop can anyone tell me why (btw, i dont understand the sticky about compiling ;/ )
  13. M

    I Need Help

    Can someone plz tell me how to put new models in the game so i can use them...........??????? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  14. J

    Lava, how to create it?

    Well, I'm trying to make a map for ESF. I want to put some lava in the map, just like in esf_lavapit. But how do I create that??? Grtz Joene
  15. S

    Can't select attacks?

    (Posted this uner help, but with 12 views and no replies I think this may be the right spot) I've been playing Beta 1 since it came out, well about an hour after, and I love it. The one problem I'm having is very annoying though. When going through the attacks for each character, trying...
  16. S

    Can't select attacks?

    I've been playing Beta 1 since it came out, well about an hour after, and I love it. The one problem I'm having is very annoying though. When going through the attacks for each character, trying them out and such, I found I can't select the Big Bang attack, Final Flash, Finishing Buster...
  17. S

    lil help wiv skinning

    i can skin and all it just when i import my own texture and i assign the texture nufin happens the model stays the defult colour. it only allows me to add single colours like plain red,blue or green.
  18. Optional


    when i change my map to .dxf and .map it doesnt compile into a .bsp...can any1 help?(im using zoner's compile tools with valve hammer) anyone whats wrong??
  19. G

    cheap sig

    wooooo i cut em out myself fromt the game ... lol what u think ? easie cheap but i liked it ... :rolleyes: