1. Mkilbride

    The Secret World has gone Buy 2 Play(Ala Guild Wars) Interesting. As there was literally no notice of this happening. The game received incredible reviews, but of course wasn't exactly doing amazing overall, in terms of subs. Still, it's Model is...
  2. Viper

    Top secret Tesselated Toad Tech This looks amazing, but I doubt they will release any PC game using this engine before next gen consoles release/
  3. The Deco

    Transformers - The secret Episode. Starring our very own Samuel!

    indeed *Oh lawd, censorship!*
  4. S

    The Secret Planet Of the Kais map ,request

    Hi I was wondering if it's possible for the team to make the kai planet map. it's one of my favourites
  5. L

    Secret Transformation

    Does anyone knw all of the secret transformations of all the characters in ESF ECX?????? I only know about goku becoming small and turning to Super Saiyan 4 and Vegeta becoming the Vegeta in Dragonball GT and turning to super saiyan 4....
  6. Mous4u

    Secret Transformation

    hi i am bringing a suggestion on secret transformations Somwhere in 0:41 ESF 1.3 does a swopp animation and then look at the hud the PL increases ok this is how the secret transformation starts when you do the swoop animation PL...
  7. Optional

    Obama the Secret Nazi

    Several times in the past, I've heard people trying to explain why Obama is the new Hitler. And every single time, I can point out immensely faulty logic within the first 5 seconds of watching their flapping gums (I seriously tried to understand their frame of view). I don't even get why they...
  8. R

    The Secret Combos

    Yesterday I was practicing with bots, and I just started an advanced melee sequence with them, so I beat one up, then my character does one of the secret combos. I remembered what it was tried it and it worked, so I went back to playing then i did the second one by accident again, I was so happy!
  9. Spunky

    Totally Top Secret Identification None of You Should See... Ever...

    Something cool I thought of for the entire TYC team (the mod I work on, see my sig if you're curious) to have ID cards for the team page when we finish the new website. So far, all I've done is mine, and nobody else even knows I'm doing this yet (except for you guys). But yeah, tell me whatcha...
  10. sub

    The secret to making a game a success?

    "TT Games exec talks to GameSpot about the creative process of Lego Star Wars, the new Lego game, and why he thinks that making games for kids means making games that everyone will love." I thought it was a good read, the things he said were completely true. Check it out...
  11. shadowcast

    The secret of Led Zeppelins Stairway to Heaven

    Well guys......I was scoping on youtube when i came across this..... Its pretty freaky.........and its not just this part........if you reverse the whole song you will see that it isn't fake......... reverse it yourself if you don't believe
  12. Zeonix

    Assassin's Creed Super Secret Storyline

    I didn't want to post so here is another thread. Now, I know we're all excited about Assassin's Creed, but after reading this, I went into a berserker's fury. WTF
  13. Basslover722

    Wow i think i figured out the secret combos!

    Ok the secret combos are actually the directional buttons they put up when your in a thing when you clentching eachothers fists adn you have push the right buttons to win. Now if you guys record the directionall buttons and use them in advaced melee you would do some cool moves. What do you think!
  14. bapplebo

    The most kept secret ever.

    I'm alive. Bishes.
  15. Andreyesf

    Team Secret Sugestion

    I was thinking of the picture of the week and pain said "Maybe it's a super secret team move combo special ability of secretness." And now the sugestion is this when you play like THE Gyniu Force ONLY Baata and Jeice to do a super secret team move combo special ability of secretness...
  16. B

    Secret Combo?????????????????????????

    :cry: :devsmile: :laff: :cry: i heard that there is a "secret" combo but how do i do it plz send a email to [email protected] thank u
  17. Ravendust

    Top Secret PS3 Design Revealed

    Finally unveiled at an important press conference in Japan, the PS3's prototype design: Apparently the PS3 will be able to run 8-bit games with ease due to the resonance of the foil coating, whilst the yellow tape reminds gamers to be happy. The duck attachment will be used as part of the...
  18. R

    Whats the secret to dealing with melee?

    I notice people use melee ALOT more than energy attacks to kill one another --constant swooping/throwing/roll crashing (as i call it, which i think is just lame to constantly leave a person in a roll till they die on the ground) Im having a real hard time competing melee wise -that and...
  19. Yazuken

    Brolly as a secret character

    It would be awesome if you could get brolly as a secret character in this game. Not if you just got him right away when you installed the game. but maybe if you had to do something special to earn it(For example, 400 frags in a game)
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