1. Skyrider

    Searching for a new headset (+mic)

    It's my birthday soon and I really need a new headset.. My current headset works, but the microphone is dead. So, I need a new one. Can anyone recommend me one? A microphone on the headset is a must. Let's say the prize range should be around 50 euro's, which is 66.15 U.S. dollars. I was also...
  2. Skyrider

    [Searching for] A good but not too expensive laptop.

    My GF (Rixt) is looking for a good but not too expensive laptop which she can do her college and work (office) and play a few games which doesn't require a hardcore gaming video card. Good inbuilt speakers is a must. She's a maplestory fan, so here are the requirements: Her budget is around...
  3. A

    Searching for EU people to START playing on Russian L2 servers

    Hi there, So as the tittle states, I am looking for Europians to play with me on OFFICIAL Russian L2 servers. It FREE, botting there is absolutely impossible and if you manage somehow to get something working, patches are weekly and its bye bye, also GM's are very active and they will...
  4. Skyrider

    Searching for good DS Games

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some good DS games, which includes RPG games as well. Anyone can recommend me some?
  5. LionHeart

    Searching for an online game

    Does anyone know any game similar with Kwonho online or Rumble fighter?
  6. vinay87

    A map I'm searching for.

    hmm well there was this 5 month gap when I wasnt at the forums, so a certain thread i was looking at vanished. King kai map? I think someone was making that, dont remember. Progress was being given here. Could someone point me to it?
  7. Skyrider

    Searching for a specific speech recognition program

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a speech / voice recognition program. But not just a normal one. I am looking for one that can do specific things, let me explain. I am looking for a speech recognition software that you can be able to bind a voice command with a software. But also it should be...
  8. S

    Map Searching!!!!

    Today, 12/25 there was a map esf_janemba and im a map collector and tha was one of the maps on my list to get so im looking for 1.- IM KiNG KoNg the creator. 2.- the guy who made the server that hosted the map or 3- a link to where I can get the map
  9. Skyrider

    Searching for Multiplayer games

    Does anyone knows some Multiplayer games? I don't mean multiplayer games to play on the internet. I mean more multiplayer that i can play with someone on this computer. So i can play some games with my GirlFriend :D
  10. W

    searching for a command

    hello i have an quastion about a cool command that i once saw on esf 1.1 i hope its exist on esf 1.2: when u wrote that command in the esf console u could do loops with your mouse i mean in esf 1.2 without this command when u move your mouse up it stops in something like 100 engle if some...
  11. majin-vegeta

    searching for broly model/character

    someone who knows where you can download a broly (brolly)model/character??? so he not are enstead of vegeta but a new character PS: Is there one for EVM?
  12. Sicron

    Searching for failure on Google.

    This is what I found on another forum just now. He entered failure in Google and came up with this: XD so funny! atleast...I find it funny o_o
  13. J

    Searching designers...

    hi making a game of dragon ball in ultima online engine...but imj not good in image editing....if someone can help me to make graphics, animations....see some images of my work... some credits goes to davidskywan :)
  14. V

    Searching for Japanese SoundPack

    Hi everyone. Well, I've played ESF long time ago and now I'm missing and I'm gonna start to play all over again. The thing is that I used to have a version (don't remenber which number) with the japanese voices of the characters, that I think that are coolest. Anyway, my friend showed me a...
  15. N

    Searching your old posts!

    Wow, I would have beat the crap out of the 14 year old version of myself for some of the threads I made. I bet over 85% were closed! Has anyone ever looked back and checked out what they said years ago? If not try it out. It could be entertaining or stupid. :shocked:
  16. U

    Searching a Team for a Naruto Mod

    I am searching a team for a new Naruto mod and i can't decide is it going to be on hl or hl2? So anyway i need: Coders Spriters Modellers Animators Sound Artists If you're interested write here
  17. Sicron

    Searching for a game?

    Well im really bored these i was wondering if anybody could recommend me a good first person shooter X_x
  18. SailorAlea

    Searching for a Specific Book..

    Hey, everyone. Sorry to make a thread over something so silly, but it's been bothering me. I'm trying to remember the name of a book I read years and years ago.. If anybody knows the name, I'd be greatly indebted! I searched on google for about thirty minutes and couldn't find anything. It's...
  19. Anty

    Searching for GOOD XP Anime Themes

    I was just wondering where everyone gets their nice backgrounds and themes from. Because I'm still searching for a GOOD Cowboy Bebop and other themes for XP with nice start bars and all very GOOD... but I can't find them anywhere....:p Maybe I'm not searching in the right places... Well... Where...
  20. W

    searching trans aura

    i'm sorry that my first post here is a search post, but i cant go on if i cant find what i search :rolleyes: . anyway, i'm searching the advanced transformation aura , wich was made several months ago. i mean the last release with 4 , or more , realy big pillars (i hope it is the right word...