1. E

    aura 1.1 after new install like 1.0....

    i hope i have the right section for that lil problem. i have downloaded full beta 1.1 because at patch i have crash in game after 20minutes :( i uninstalled the patch and installed beta 1.1 full. but now my powerup aura is like beta 1.0..... but at patch i have a "ball(?)" can anyone tell me...
  2. V

    Improved Gohan Ssj2 ! With Screenshots

    Credits: Chest/Legs: The ESF-TEAM Head: Violator (ME) New SSJ2 Hair: Violator (ME) Arms: Violator (ME) :rolleyes: Well if you dont like this SSJ2 hair and the new head then im going insane:p
  3. K

    1.10 screenshot

    give me a screenshot about 1.10 im downloading right now :)
  4. TehMuffinMan

    KID BUU... with a twist ^_^

    hmm.. anyways.. sexyasian86 has made a really cool kid buu model.... ithis thread is about that model... but with a little twist ^_^ well.. i changed the animations so that it replaces krillin instead of buu.. i know what your thinking.. but really.. its good ^_^ REASONS: 1. krillin has...
  5. G

    Kami Map

    Where can I get this KAMI I dont like the one I have is on NIGHT I want this one on DAY not NIGHT.
  6. B

    how do u get holes out

    how do u get holes out of ur projects.
  7. shadow16

    Viewing Models in ESF

    This is a mixed of ESF-Chat and Modelling -I just wanted to know how do u record vids and make them into gifs like the ones like pr3 made in his sig. The command is like -record demo "name of demo" -stop demo..what ever... - but when i stop says demo completed and says...
  8. M

    Rosat map problems

    Ok whenever i try to run this map, the character's in character select screen are all greyed over, and like EVERYTHING is grey on the actual map. Can't see ANYTHING at all. Whats the problem?
  9. B0Bmaster40000

    storm wallpaper

    heres my attempt at a wallpaper, its not that good, i just wanted to try something to promote my next map :p click here to see it
  10. R

    interesting screenshot...*** it

  11. SSJ n00b

    ssj2 lighting aura dl here edit! Made by AscensionX
  12. ]\/[ITCHELL


    can someone please tell me how to make pics of a model.I have HL Model Viewer but i cant make pics;( ;(
  13. Morrone

    Screenshot Help Request

    Ok I'm no pro sigger but I'd like to take screeenshots of episodes and use them for sigs much like the one I'm usingnow. I try hititng the 'prt scr' button onmy computer whent he frame I want to use a a pic appears but it doesnt work. The one in my sig was a fluke and I can't seem to od it...
  14. DaKD

    Trunks Bojack movie version

    heres a model my little bro's workin (goes by OpTiMuS) and its just a WIp and his first edit so dont be too critical O yea dont even say it the arms suk right now lol
  15. V

    Screenshot PL 2,000,000,000 + !!!

    I got my PL over 2,000,000,000 don't belive it ? here you go: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  16. M

    twistie screenshot

    check it out, i shot it from the top of the level cell day. CHECK IT OU!!!
  17. JeS

    Teh Unofficial Screenshot Thread!!!

    Hey everyone, I figured these forums could use a screenshots thread instead of people makin new threads for their screens. :) Here's mine:
  18. I

    New map screenshot

    <img src="" border="0" alt=""></font></p></p> Here is a screenshot of the new map and as you can see capture the dragonballs mode works fine with it. I got bored with my empty LAN server and shot a Kamehameha at the dragon. He....... well...
  19. M

    Compiling - HOW???

    ok ive got zhlt, and try to compile a worldcraft made map from .map into .bsp. i can start the map, but the textures arent shown right. the "texture" looks like a chess field with purple instead of white fields. a purple-black chess field. can anyone help me? i made a cool map on a...
  20. R

    want screenshot of the game

    I just download the game ESF and i'm about to get half-life. I want to see somemore screenshot of the game esf, i've seen the ones in the site.