1. M


    OK? NOW...
  2. sub

    New Screenshot Released

    Check it out
  3. M

    Star Trek: Online - First Screenshot

  4. M

    new Duke Nukem Forever screenshot!

    I don't know if anyone here cares about DNF,but imo it's good news
  5. SaiyanPrideXIX

    AWESOME BF2142 Demo screenshot!!!

    **** you, EA. Just **** you.
  6. M

    Company of heroes Screenshot thread

    Now i don't have a screenshot yet as i have yet to see that perfect moment, i did see one but i was so awed by it i didn't hit printscreen, my men were pinned down by a MG42 meanwhile i had another unit flanking the others there were about 9 or 10 total nazi's supporting that mg42, 1 satchel...
  7. JasonX

    how 2 send a screenshot??

    how 2 send a screenshot cuzz i am gonna send something cool about esf.
  8. S

    screenshot needed

    can any of you please post a screenshot of esf v1.1? pleeeeeeease!!!
  9. J

    Movie Screenshot Quiz!

    Ok, let's start a funny game. One guy posts a screenshot taken from a movie and the other guys have to guess which movie it is. Rules: 1) The Movie has to be a movie that was shown in US cinemas. There HAS TO BE an english version of this movie. 2) When you guessed a movie right...
  10. D

    legecy of goku 4 screenshot and info!!!

    info :- Take control of up to 3 characters in your self-created team, switching to each member on the fly * Destructible environments, affected by both players and enemies * Multiple environments from the Child Goku and Baby Sagas of DBGT * Battles with massive bosses, including...
  11. frsrblch

    DVD Screenshot

    Does anybody know of a program I can use to take a screenshot a DVD movie? Print Screen doesnt work, and all of the programs I have tried only give me a black screen. Im trying to make a Bill and Ted sig, but without any luck.
  12. Grega

    Another form of screenshot bug

    As said in the title I joined the Redsaiyan server and there was a candy left in the middle of the map. When i looked at the candy the screenshot bug apeared then i chose Buu and ate the candy. As soon as i did the bug disapeared.
  13. A

    Screenshot Help!!

    Suppose im watching a clip or something or a full ep to any anime series that i downloaded of the computer. Im watching it in my Real one player, and i might see a few good scenes where i wanna pasue and save it as a screenshot or something..does anyone know hows that done?!?
  14. M

    whats that map in the screenshot

    the one with gohan and goku in a melee scrap the pic of the wekk that one cause that amp rocks where can i dl it
  15. I

    goku wip (my first pbp from scratch)

    sup.. im making a goku model pbp... it will be my first pbp model ever!! lol... i hope it comes out good :smile: smooth shades later :]
  16. Amitron

    Help with photoshop

    Ok i dunno if this is how its supposed to be, but this bugs me whenever im working on sigs or whatever in photoshop or anything in there in the top left hand corner of what im working on there is always like two gray boxes...and they get in the way. One of them has 01 in it and the other has...
  17. G

    My Update Edits

    Hey all I little Update On my Edits I will be Releasing them soon When i get permission
  18. Skyrider

    Redsaiyan add files..... Do it now.

    ok.. due my vacation. and due that spin is never online.. well.. maybe he is on vacation.... anyway. i am going away for 1 week.. so if you want to upload a file to rs. plz. contact me RIGHT away. cuz i am going away VERY soon! less then 6 hours (+ sleeping ) soo... just PM or email me.. check...
  19. L

    DVD Screenshot taker....

    Im looking for a program what can take screen shots off DVD's and get past the 'block' thing so the image will not go black when saved does anyone know where i ca get this program? and it will work....
  20. Nuttzy

    Want anime outlines on your models?, nuttzy tells you how,.ITS EASY

    Want anime outlines on your models?, Uncle nuttzy tells you how,.ITS EASY 1st step decompile the model you want to apply the effect to, done? good, now import it now select all the groups and dupicate, scale it the best you can to where the duplication COMPLETELY surrounds the model...