1. Z

    My gogeta reskin

    Hey..! i have try to skin this gogeta..! crit for the model: Kreshi Skin my self normal & SSJ*drpFgJ0daaemLh1ngY*7sYn0ya6Fb91!RXSZVmk4MQfrljQBX4W6AKT6!2PWDENv3eo3G!cWyfjynC2vlj89we3dxPJfrUw/FINISH.jpg?dc=4675458423170224056 Normal...
  2. §lipKnot

    broly man gt vegeta reskin........

    this is a reskin that i did one night i was bored i really dint do any thing this is not a release ever unlsee broly-man come in the this thread and says okay other than that it will never be released credits that i know of are to broly man and the arrmor suit is my reskin...
  3. M

    Trunks reskin

    well this is my second reskin, i changed the normal Trunks into a Ninja-like Trunks :) i wish i could dlaod the katana model trunks somewhere skin would fit perfectly with that katana...o well so what do you think?
  4. D

    Trunks Reskin

    made the eyes green (they were blue before) added some lines to the hair (looks better to me) changed the folds in the glothes (looks a lot better to me)
  5. Suh Dude

    Vegeta Reskin.

    I only did the face only, everthing else is by the esf team
  6. §lipKnot

    evil buu reskin check him out its mostly wolf-strikes i did the cap and some color edits but there it is tell me that u think .. ps if u got any good ideas for a reskin from the esf models only plz tell me im kinda in a skining slup
  7. SSJ Toast

    [WIP] Kreshi Frieza Reskin

    hey, well i decided to do a reskin of kreshi's frieza model, any critz will be nice, (this is my second skin ever!) sorry for crappy pic i dont know how to make the quality better (dont know much about pics) Credits- Model: Kreshi Reskin: SSJ Toast any crits will be nice
  8. RED_Dragon

    2ND form cell reskin

    I reskined the original 2nd form cell model so it looks more like the real one, the real one has 2 different tones of green I also fixed up some other little things.:] *links removed* s-bolt--
  9. S

    Cell 2 -Perfect Cell RESKIN- Release!!

    I actually got a couple PMs for my first skin I did o_O! - I hope... you... like it o_O.
  10. Smith

    Cell 2 -Perfect Cell RESKIN- Release!!

    I actually got a couple PMs for my first skin I did o_O! - I hope... you... like it o_O.
  11. Enix

    anyone want a reskin?

    Hi, I just got into reskinning stuff so if you want me to edit or fix a skin or fix minor stuff on a model reply and then send your model.
  12. SSJ Toast

    USSJ trunks reskin

    here is a reskin i did of fatmanterror's USSJ trunks, i wont release without his permission though :/, this is my first reskin ever, so what do you guys think
  13. SoulStriker

    Vegeta Re-Skin

    This is a re-skin done by dan that he wanted released to the ESF public. Credits are on the picture Good/Evil GFX: Download Link: Click Me!
  14. D

    reskin of Goten

    source: my edit of me and little help from woker: i think its much better cuz the face of the source sucks. credit: Azn Dragon but cuz he not here i think i will relese it and yeah i will edit the normal ssj too.
  15. M

    i would like a dragonball remodeling or reskin

  16. Goten-son

    My shenlong reskin RELEASE

    hey hey, and here we go by popular demand (from IM's) my shenlong reskin release ^_^ CREDIT: ESF team for the model and skin ME for the edit of the original skin Heres the pic if you forgot what he looks like <img src=""> <a...
  17. V

    KidBuu Reskin

    Credits ProjectX:Model Voslung:Animations/Skin Me[Vegito]:Reskin Crappy Reskin Only Took 30 Min Still I Want To Hear Critz So Critz?
  18. V

    Bojack Gohan Reskin

    Credits: SSJ4 Gogetenks - Original ReSkin Mr Smo - Pant Model/Blue Parts Of Skin S-bolt - Face And Face Skin ok heres my reskin of bojack gohan critz?
  19. D

    Darksun Kuririn Re-Skin Complete

    Original Skin: Mastasurf Model: SSVegeta Model Reskin & (slight) tweeks Complete: I also decided to redo the gui images! :D good evil GET IT HERE! OR HERE!
  20. I

    Krillin Reskin

    I took a quick shot at a reskin of the original ESF krillin for some practice. I dunno it turned out ok i guess, i'll finish it off and if you people want it i'll release it. (Although i think DarkSuns kicks mine's ass) Here we go then... Credit: SS Vegeta for original model