1. Ghost_Ryder

    Raiko - Goku Reskin REQUEST

    Where can I download Raiko - Goku Reskin mdl ?
  2. ReCkOninG of FirE

    Reskin Kreshi Ssj3

    Well i do have permission to reskin him from the readme file as long as i give creits so CREDITS GO TO KRESHI FOR THE MODEL okay here he is im going to reskin the flesh, im not really digging that pink tone :P
  3. SSJ Toast

    [REL]Vegeta Reskin

    finally finished workin on it, i know theres more i could do to make it better but iam tired of workin on it and wanna move on to other things, so enjoy :/ Link (gotta copy and paste on toolbar):
  4. SSJ Toast

    esf vegeta reskin (second try)

    this is my second try reskinning this beast the first attempt didnt go out so well, i hope this one will be better since i hopefully improved, model done by turk, heres my old one on the left, new one on the right:
  5. H

    Frieza Form 4 reskin

    I reskinned the frieza form 4 from the unofficial evm model pack original creator: Kreshi reskinner: Me :D texture for reskin: Frieza Form 4 by Nuttzy & shjing
  6. Enix

    Krillin Reskin [WIP]

    Ok, as i told everyone in my krillin thread, I was going to resking my krillin sometime, so heres my WIP reskin: Got lots more to do. I mainly posted it so early in the job just for crits and ideas. I know the eyes are uneven, thats just a dumb skinmap error :P , i tried a new way of...
  7. Demiguise


    Erm..... I want to reskin the DBS and Shenlong but i dont know how to do Shenlong... I know how to get all the maps and that but the i need to see the way in which they made the textures so that i can change them... anywho please tell me how you made them...
  8. bapplebo

    ESF Trunks Reskin WIP

    Here it is. Critz and comments please. (P.S. Super Veggeto, check your PM box) Credits: Xstortionist; Mastasurf;
  9. O

    Frieza reskin!!

    the current friezah is UGLYYYH!! sry esf team pl reskin it!!! darksun??? Gir??? OH PLZ!!
  10. S

    new vegeta reskin

    well heres my first reskin well 2nd
  11. Sorrow

    Majin Vegeta , Original Vegeta Reskin .

    Hi all, It's been a while since I last visited . I think about 6 months or something . The forums have changed, But I still see alot of old members around ^^ . Ah well, No one knows me here so I shouldn't really talk :/ . Anyways, enought about that , the real reason behind this thread is for...
  12. Enix

    Vegeta Reskin, DBGT stlye

    I loved Vegeta's style in dbgt, so i looked at the official vegeta models proporstions and they looked to be the same! But there was a problem, the stupid long hair! So i shrunk the hair and i was hapy but then i encountered another problem, the gloves where too long. So i actually think i...
  13. Z

    trunks reskin

    crits ? all i have done now is redo the hair and eyes+eyebrows
  14. Enix

    New Goku Reskin

    umm....before you say anything just look: If you like it or just wanna get a better look Download It Here
  15. SSJ Toast

    [REL] Frieza saga vegeta reskin (copy and paste the link) feedback and comments are welcome, i may fix it up in the future, but for now i wanna start something else
  16. SSJ Toast

    Brolli Reskin W.I.P

    Brolli Reskin Release *scroll down for link* well i have tried skinning in the past and i stunk at it, but now just experimenting i managed to create some half decent stuff, torso and head and hair is skinned still have to do the clothes, iam trying to go for a realistic look, crits and...
  17. Enix

    2nd goku reskin attempt

    umm, well my first one sucked big time, so i redid it, and i need a host to release it, this one is alot better and i used my best host so you get to see what it really looks like, so here it is: Credits: Model: Vassago Original Skin: Vassago
  18. Enix

    first goku reskin

    sorry about the pics kinda low quality, i really like this color sheme so i used it on goku, i didnt just change the colors like most people do, cause i really wanted to try it for my self. so here it is: C&C please
  19. M

    Krillin EVM Model Reskin pack (Releasing!)

    -==Krillien 4 different model pack reskin!==- for ESF Evolution Mods anywhere! just extract to the ESF folder includes (+creditz) : Namek Saga Krillin(Dark!!!) Normal Krillin(ESF TEAM) Mystic Krillin(ESF TEAM+Darksun+Miki800(thats me!) for reskining) Ultimate Krillin(ESF TEAM+Darksun...
  20. §lipKnot

    a new trunks reskin

    this a is my reskin wolf-strike helped a little i did the pants and the face if this link dont work go to