1. C

    Coldcce's New Server for esf. That will be public and running daily. - Coming soon.

    So I've been making quite a few esf characters for my new server that I already made, and set up but I just need everything ready, and some more characters to be finished. Right now all these characters can go up to super saiyan 4. And that is the limit on saiyans and custom characters...
  2. Ravenman02334

    Concerning the public

    All of these rumors about the release date need to come to an end once and for all. Most of the comments are from uneducated gamers, uneducated in reference to how the hell to create ANYTHING related to games or understand this game. They just grow expectations because that's what closed minded...
  3. Bandock

    ESF 10-Year Public Release Anniversary

    While it is rather early for me to post anything related to the 10 years since ESF first went public (which according to an archived version of the old website, July 15th, 2001). That was about a month before I officially played it myself. I'll tell a bit of my history with Earth's Special...
  4. -Origin

    To Deman, in public, so you know what not to do.

    Don't call me a little prick or a "****er" in one of your well thought out speeches and then close the topic. That's quality mod behaviour.
  5. liad

    bug with the latest public build

    when u switch from one character to another(pressing c..) when the character respawns it shows the cf bar as full although the character only has the default starting pl. i managed to get that bug several times even after restarting the server or restarting esf the same thing happened when i...
  6. Bandock

    Earth Special Forces 5-year Anniversary (or close) since 1st Public Release

    I just thought that I would say something about it after I posted in another topic (when I realized that it has been close to five years ago since the first public alphas). Who has noticed that for those who has played and/or watched Earth Special Forces for nearly forever? Reason why I say...
  7. Mastasurf

    ESF - Public Relations *opening*

    This will be posted here for a while before it goes on the main page. Serious inquiries only please. Requirements <ul> <li> Available 1-2 hours a day <li> Competent in HTML (other web oriented languages are a plus) <li> Firm communication skills <li> Mastery of the english language. The...
  8. S

    Should a public script pack be released?

    Please read this post before voting. In the scripting/exploiting thread there was a huge discussion mainly about scripting. The main thing brought up for discussion was the fact that scripts are already out there so the ones who have them have an advantage. A couple people posted that they...
  9. xstortionist

    my models are open to the public

    any of the models i've created are now open to the public...encluding any graphic design work i've done for the modification...i've giving back to the community what i've done. I want people to get more experienced with this just fet up with meeting kids in college classes and...
  10. SSJ Vendetta

    Whats up with| Public # 1&2

    I keep getting error message saying my map differs from the server (esf_canyon) Has the server been updated to 1.2.1 or is there a link i could download the esf_canyon version you run Thanks for the help
  11. S

    How to make my own public servers

    How do i make my own public severs so my friend and my other friends can join and play I mean of course I know how to make local game server but i want to make public if i have to become an admin tell the site I was once an admin but that was many many months ago.
  12. Sonic the Vampire

    ]|[ Final Request Forum v1.1 ]|[

    I'm starting this thread over. Sorry to inconveniance anyone who had a conversation going or a model request unanswered as of yet but the thread was just too long. Feel free to re-post old requests if you need to. Same rules apply; all model/skin requests go into this thread, nowhere else...
  13. grOOvy

    AUP Signature Size Limit: Public Poll

    As of now, 23rd October 2003 - the Acceptable Usage Policy permits a maximum signature size of 600Kb. This has been considered as way too much by a lot of users, as common signature sizes run from 30Kb to maximum 150 Kb... and I won't even talk about what comments have been received from some...
  14. Ultra33Gokussj3

    EVM progress , New model T.

    Ok , i v been floded with PM , asking about evm about evm , Wele , evm could be done anyday now , but itl be released in 3 months , becuse it has lots of bugs , also , modeling i think is close to 60 % , becuse were modeling auras for diferent ascendation , also here the trunks , that ...
  15. Optional


    This map is for Gohan's Hidden Power (GHP), but this map will be released for ESF as "Z_Sahara" once GHP is released. This is final except for the palm trees, they are temporary till we get some good ones. The trees belond to ESF. Any crits you might say will be disregarded...
  16. R

    And so....I did something noone expected....

    Lets see....first I made homepages....then I did some PHP and forum management....then I went over to sprite-making,then mapping....then I tried a bit of coding....but this is what I do when Im bored The NS poster Flay doesn''t know,and its only my poster,no public release because....well...
  17. S


    hey i need the pass for the evm server!!!!!
  18. J

    A new Mod :)

    Well. I am leading a new mod. It is under private developing right now and not released to public. But I was getting bored so I desided to share with u guys the MODs HUD copy link to ur address bar to see :) well post what you think. its for...
  19. Ultra33Gokussj3

    well be amazed complete

    First of all dont tell me fix those fix that or i wont release it! :\ :\ :\ Secondli heres a complete pack of GT GOKU like i promised :laff: The edits are all in 1.1 format! Credit to: norm - AZN - arms + legs + body PrO - legs + vest skin real modeler of goku - head ss - AZN -...
  20. Ultra33Gokussj3

    New GT Goku Final Ver.

    Well i had think about , if the pro squad woult show their GT goku Pack , the i l make a Goku Pack that is simulas to theirs..... :talk: Who can host the pic?