1. M

    New GT Goku

    Well me and my buddy's are making a GT Goku pack but i need a skinner fo our normal Goku GT Model reply and PM me o yeah feel free to give crits
  2. V

    Pro please read

    Pro i really need your help I really love your models (edits) they are pretty much my favorite models, I am trying to work on a model of tapion and I wanted to know if mabye you could help me with it.
  3. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Pro edits down?

    Wats wrong with the pro edits s site Pro edits s site Everi time i go in the and start goin some whre it shuts down Can some one help me?
  4. Loki

    VB Skin Challenge

    phpBB Templete/Skin Challenge Yes well with my forum almost ready to go public I need a skin for it. Its for phpBB just like this forum, the skin has to be Ragnarok Online theme with the words RO-Eternia where you see ESF on this page. The winner of the contest gets Moderator Privliges. Plz...
  5. A

    Super saiyan 4?

    It would be great to have a super saiyan 4 in the next beta:laff: haha:)
  6. Z

    wod recutements

    hy i looking for poeple who can help wariors of destiny . modlers * mappers * anny one who can do anny thing for a q3 stand alone and betta testers * = or poeple who have models/maps they want to give to the game (wil ofcourse get credits) i would like to bid the moderators to...
  7. Bryggz

    A request for all modelers

    Hey guys yall know im a modeler but....i kinda feel restricted being just and i was wondering if one of you guys who model vertex by vertex could kinda give me a run through of how to do that (no i havent really found any poly-by-poly tutorials) cause i really wanna make some more...
  8. A

    Critz on my new siggy

    Well.. I made a new sig... this is my 4th sig and i am a HUGE!!! n00b in photoshop... but here it g0se. soo... is it good 2 use? :rolleyes: // zion
  9. S

    tested to the public = official release.

    hi just downloaded the beta last week and had it installed on my frens internet cafe. had it running on one computer and joined a server online and played for about 10 mins and began to like it when i called my fren over to tell him when i saw a huge crowd of gamers wanting to know the game and...
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    need some advice(layout)

    im stuck what else should i do with this
  11. S

    Neocron Public Beta 4

    Hey wow finally this game is in public beta. for information: it is an rpg set in far future and with first person shooter abilities the best: IT EATS THE TIME UNTIL ESF BETA!!!!!!!
  12. J

    Stuffed up skins

    whats goin on with my skins. I can see through them and they dont look very good. Please Help Also can anyone tell me where to find a new crosshair for esf
  13. L

    Wanna public ESF?

    I don't know if you watch "Giga Games" in NBC but it's a chance to public ESF for german players! I've written to [email protected] and hopefully he will present it in the show! You can also write to him and hope :) CYA LogBoGgED
  14. Deverz

    My 3rd Sig please post comment (btw my 2nd is in my sig)

    heres my 3rd sig i dont think you will see it on these forums i think it is being used else where theres a poll with this aswell
  15. G


    i have a question, since i have no clue how to use milkshape, can you guys tell me any half-life modelling program (Moddelling not skinning) i have the model viewer but i need to know so i can fix up my gohan model and make it ssj2
  16. A


    By request of -[gF]- Janemba, i will be maiking a tree of might map. If Tien lets me post pic on his site then i will post them here. I intend to make the map public. This will be the first map in awhile for me so i dont know how good it will be so we will see. Just wait itll be good, i promise.