1. .Maze

    So i got me an Samsung S I900 (Omnia)...but now i got probs

    Hey there. I got me an samsung omnia. But i got some serious issue. When somebody calls me my omnia doesnt show me that an answers the call automaticly right away, without me knowing it. I got now BT Headset and car set. everything is disabled, i even got me the newest firmware. any...
  2. Lord Killmore

    New HD and ESF/HL got probs W00t?

    hi all . well to get straight on my problem . i got a new HD and installed steam and esf and everything and used the same drivers as i used on my older HD but now the funny thing is , when i start esf my music (mp 3 player) is messed up for some time and when i nimize and go back ingame or when...
  3. ssj3Viper

    Modeling probs

    A while ago i made model for ESF: Goten and Trunks togeter, i made their models, worked hard on their animations,(using "Milkshape3D"), but when i compiled the model, the program said that it had too many faces or poligons. Now i think someone used the "Brolly Pack", it was very copmlex, i ask...
  4. K

    esf probs :(

    Back in the day i was able to play esf and quit for a long time worked fine back then uninstalled it from my pc. I download the 1.23 beta and upgraded my half life to after a fresh install then installed esf and when i try to create an internet game it says esf laucher out of date...
  5. B

    Help Esf probs

    Please help me I just downloaded the full instal file of ESF ver 1.2.3! When I try to create a server in lan games, my ESF says 'Unable to load library C:\Program Files\Half-Life/esf/cl_dlls.' Can you please help. Thanks
  6. P

    ESF INstallation probs..

    Hi im new and i only wonder before i install this game that looks amazing! I have the Counter-Strike Condition Zero CD. do i really need Half-Life 1 to start this game or can i put it in my Cstrike Folder to get it to work? i do have Half-Life 2 but im almost sure that it wont work there...
  7. Jasonafex

    visual probs

    ok i'm new to these forums so can ya help me? fisrtly esf works fine :) but there a problem. when you press T (turbo) your character goes transperant (see through) AND theres no aura?. Another thing is that trees look funny... black and flat branches , sort of what it looks like when you...
  8. M

    :'(, i install it but got probs

    well so far, i have halflife 2, not 1, i install it under the ""C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\max36999\half-life 2\ESF"" directory, but after the install i run the exe and it askes for steam "where is it... you know what i mean" but after i browes and click it it opens the steam "browes...
  9. I

    install probs

    Ok I have ESF installed on steam everything is updated to what it should be, but for some odd strange reason steam doesnt recognize the game. I also have this problem NS (Natural Selection) it worked on my other computer and i dont see what it is i could be doing wrong i have uninstalled...
  10. B

    can't play lan & other probs

    hello again, now i can finally play but it says it cant load my client.dll file so i download 1.3 and no more error but now when i try to play online it says "script events/ not found' so i created the directory " events' and created the file but i cant still play...
  11. Ryeko

    Vegat Probs

    If dunno if this is upposed to go here, but on the fron page, I noticed this with the Vegeta.
  12. A

    Some Probs with ESF 1.2 patch

    When i downloaded it my half-Life become weird... if i try to play in internet (any mod or half-Life) it says: (this comes if i try to play ESF) if i press OK it goes to Half-Life Auto Update and this comes when its finished... what is wrong :confused:
  13. U

    havin probs playin

    whenever i pick my character it takes me back to the desktop screen i tryed joinin a server then canceling,went in to console and it says Error: could not load file sprites/spiritbombcharge.spr Error: could not load file sprites/dust.spr Can't open modelesf/models/sphere.wrl Can't...
  14. C

    Red Hat linux server configuring probs..

    ok i need some sort of tutorial or someone who can help me instal and configure Steam HLDs then install and configure ESF ded 1.2...this is why i need someone to help me with clan is getting a server for free because of a deal we have with a company..but the thing is they arent...
  15. M

    HD Probs

    Ok..heres the deal...i recently got bf every time i would play it i would have the lil warning sign thing saying that i was running low on virtual memory...after a lil bit after i closed the game tho it would go away and all was well...anyway...i chalked that up to the high...
  16. S

    1.2 + Steam Probs

    Ok, heres what I did. I installed halflife, then the patch. It worked fine. Put in fmod.dll thingy The I tried to install steam - it gives me this error at the end (missing steam.dll) Gives me the same error when I try to get into steam. I installed ESF anyway, thinking that I could just...
  17. D

    probs with 1.2

    i´ve played the beta 1.1 and it was great. i have installed the beta 1.2 and there is no esf.exe in the esf folder and i cant play the game. i need help what can i do i have hl version
  18. M

    Ok ppl HELP!!!Steam probs..

    well i just DL steam and installed it and it self works fine but witch ESF OMg.. so many errors and stuff ok here are my questions of steam? 1. What is Oleaut32.dll? where can i get it 2.Why is my menu this.. 3. Why cant i change my graphics.. it...
  19. Sicron

    got some downloading probs

    i try downloading the steampack from the site, but it says that it cant connect to the file and it keeps saying that then i go to esf networkx en try dling it there, but when i try dling it there it constant says it cant find the page and all other downloads from esf networks also keeps...
  20. Cyfore

    steam+cd-key probs

    i got steam but when i get to the part where i put the cd-key in it says that I cant register. my cd-key works on WON, and i was wondering how i could solve the problem of my cd-key not working on steam. and another question(related to the above)...if you have previously used steam with the...