1. K

    steam probs

    Ive been using steam for a while and all the sudden it just stoped working. I go to load up steam, and it says "updating steam" and it downloads to 100%. When it finishes it says steam is unavailable. I tried to goto the steam website but it doesnt seem to be responding. Im guessing they...
  2. S

    Steam probs...

    I'm a noob, k, I admit it, I checked all the stickies, and looked throughly over the internet only to see everyone else has problems with steam. I now ask you to hear another. O.k., I follow the directions, I have the 1.1 beta right, I have steam right, it loads up right, I have a retail...
  3. D

    Connection probs again

    I can't join any games at all, and I have no filters I dunno what's going on......
  4. S

    Hi,im new *having probs

    Hi all im kinda new here hoped u can all help me out... i have an error when im entering a ESF Server using The ASE(all seeing eye) it says plz remove colored models i dont know what to do nor how to do it plz help me and another thing that game stuck once in a while help is needed as...

    Probs with the forum

    I can't see the new topics, don't know why. Next to ESF-chat (for example) I can see that there's a new topic but when i enter esf-chat i can't see the new topic. Doesn't anyone know how to solve this? Cya Found the solution myself, it keeps showing the oldest topics first,the forums...
  6. 8

    Video Crashing probs?

    well i play ESF on esf_afm with 8 bots (3.1 bots) and after a short while(40mins it crashes and my sound is fudged up so is my video or what?
  7. G

    connection probs

    Has anyone else besides me had problems trying to connect to the webpage? it just seems like it went back to normal and no one has said anything about it.
  8. F

    beta 1.1 probs

    hi i am havign probs with beta 1.1: sometimes when i fire an beam and it explodes it doesnt implode afterwards but gets large and makes my background crappy and it lags like terrible then.. also some of my crosshairs dont seem to aim correctly any help on this if anybody can pleas
  9. Sicron

    avatar probs

    im trying to use a new avatar but he keeps saying i cant use more then 10240 bytes while my avater is 8840 bytes so i cant insert a new avatar i had this prob last time to but i forgot how to make it so that it does work
  10. Goten-son

    connecting to games probs

    hey just recently my ESF has acted up, like now i can not connect to any servers that are not dedicated servers...anyone else having this problem? I mean i havent modified any of my ESF files or anything and it just happened one day so i hope theres a solution for this thanks in advance
  11. B

    ... hope ...

    Reaching out for the impossible... as long as there is hope, everything is possible greetz
  12. S

    Gohan head

    Hey everyone as u might now i was working on this sertain ssj2 gohan and well it showed out pretty good but it died i had some probs with it ect. so iam givving out this gohan head for others to complete IF they want that is hehe theres some errors in it but iam too lazy too make it 100% so if u...
  13. S


    im having probs with my fps. I use satans script pack. It works like a charm. My fps use to be a 50 - 60 when idle and 72 when in a swoop. And some one told me i could make it go 100fps cuz all elites have 100 fps. So i tweaked used gr00vy's tweaks. gr00vy's tweak made my fps hit 72...
  14. S

    Yeah..more questions and probs

    Short and sweet : Will ESF ONLY work and I mean ONLY work with the latest versions of CS and/or Half-life?. Why does my esf "when loading" do the complete loading but when it is supposed to load into the game , it just crashes to my desktop. I have : Voiceicon.spr I have read all...
  15. D

    All CS retail users w/installer probs look here.

    I have found the solution to the beta 1.1 installer for all those with cs. all you have to do is creat a folder called "HALF-LIFE". this must be the exact name. then start the installer and it should work.
  16. T

    transformation PROBS

    :( did u notice, when u are transforming, the problem is when ur transforming, u dont really see the character CHANGING, e.g when buu is transforming, u dont see his body going from fat to thin, all u see is, the aura then pafff evil buu. also with the other characters. MUST BE FIXED :devgrin:
  17. S

    ok new mapper needs some help with stuff!

    ok i have been working o na map all day and was wondering how to cut stuff out because i have made some thing that needs hole or openings so people can goinside any help? ps am using valve hammer editor! ok heres the problem (got some pics to help) i need the hole bit curcledinand...
  18. B

    fixed up 18

    MORE PICS HERE well, ive cleaned up my hd today and found some "old" things like this android 18, i fixed up the model (head, hands and arms) and reskinned some parts (skirt, some small things on belt and boots and fixed the veryvery rinkly shirt (its now less rinkly :p) i also updatezd...
  19. M

    Still even now - AVATAR probs

    TTSS guy helped me host my AVATAR(thnx man!!) but even now after all this and even I finally got a National hoster your Forum just wont accept it! I am sure that now everybody can see it cause its not on so here it is
  20. L


    nc_riverside like esf_riverside where it has the river going down the middle off the map and has mountain things around it. has waterfall and stuff... Screen shots,