1. E

    Install Folder Problem

    I have Steam and I have esf, but when I try to run esf, I get one of those requirements pages. I choose 'I agree'. Then I pick whether or not to install japanese voices, mp3's, steam menu music, and desktop icon. After making a decision, it looks for a folder to install into. The defualt is...
  2. R

    Playlist problem

    I have installed the game, half-life 1 and Steam. I can launch the game, but when I want to choose "console", a message appears: "No songs in the playlist" (you can see it on the screenshot). And then... Nothing else happens. I must click "escape" to return at the first window...
  3. super gokou

    problem ecx rc 2

    i have a problem with ecx rc 2 when i select a character (goku) and i play normally but whan i get out and then get in to play again i select the map and then i select the team (default good,evil) i cant select character because automatically i goku how i can select again character and when i...