1. TRSS

    powering up is hard

    is there an eaisier way to power up than just hitting people because otherwise transforming takes a long time
  2. C

    Powering underpowered characters

    Ok, I think characters like Vegeta are already pretty powerful, I can't see what'd hurt about putting in another huge explosion attack that will just replace Galit Gun, but w/e There are some characters that need to be stronger Frieza- wtf? this guy just sucks. for the 1.5x...
  3. samurai^Kurai

    Powering up after BigBang/Other strong non beam attacks

    when your powerup imediatly after you shot a bigbang/ other strong non beam attacks (dont know exacly which, but spiritbomb has that bug also) it takes some time for the model to change the animation. so the model stays in the shot animation while there is already that powerup sprite around it.
  4. K

    powering up SB

    ive seen in the show and other games where goku fires a SB and then goes ssj and powers it up, is there are way to impliment this into esf? it would be cool for struggles and all, like you could only do it when you have obtained perfect transformation and once you finish powering up the SB you...
  5. F

    Pre powering up Generic ball or beams

    OKay another idea... IN the series they can fire beams instantly so how about Pre powering up the GENERICBEAM or BALL only those and you can do other stuff while itsready like thow em and while they r flying you release it but the energy is blurry and just distorts the hand a bit so it wont...
  6. Shuyin

    Powering Up

    One thing i find myself doing 90% of the time is hitting the powerup button constantly. Powering up should be a process of gathering energy which actually takes a small amount of time, and not a few quick taps of the powerup button. -Your ki pool should be bigger (enough to do a full scale...
  7. esfn00b

    Powering up --> swoop

    Hi, havent posted for a while! I like the new version, good work team. My suggestion is that when you are powering up you can touble tap and hold a direction and as soon as you stop powering up you will begin to swoop in that direction (like what happens if you are swooping forwards, and then...
  8. M

    (WUP)The Diff between RestingCharging-up and powering up(WIP)

    I dont know what will eventually be of this thread but I hope it will be something good enough for ESF now to the topic: I got this idea from movie 12 when goku and vegeta was "RESTING" to fuse again goku said:"Vegeta , now we have had our rest we should try again the fusion!" I know...
  9. KilledWithStyle

    Terrain damage wehn powering up

    I know this is copying DMZ (which i verry much dont like :S but this is a good idea). But when ppl are chargeing up in the series and DMZ you can see the ground breakig from under thier feet. Furst you see the same damage when you get meleed below your feet (or something similar) then you get...
  10. NextGenPS2

    powering up -- increase pl?

    in the show, every now and then, the dbz characters seem to be able to raise their power levels at will (this is different from ki). examples include vegeta and goku raising their levels to summon kid buu (vegeta actually said something like "let's raise our power levels"), or gohan releasing an...
  11. Ness

    Powering up

    I think that the larger your PL is, the larger the Particle Rocks should be when you charge up. What do you guys think?
  12. Stanz

    Powering up in struggle?

    I had no idea what to search for so im sorry if this has been surgessted: What are your opinions on the idea of being able to charge up in a power struggle? It's realy good sometimes when theres a good power struggle going on when your equally as powerfull, but if your doing a full power beam...
  13. SSJ4_Cell

    Powering Up Goku

    Picture(s): Credits: ESF Team 99.99% Crits please.
  14. T

    Powering up

    When powering up i think the character should e glow or light up the area around them or something, like in the show :), maybe even a voice or somethin lol
  15. S

    Powering Up

    It is sort of gross, but i think that if there is body parts near you, they should get lifted up in the air along wit the rocks, same thing with the DB's
  16. K

    Powering up.

    Now, I think that there should be powering up of actual power level. Heres the scoop, you use the "Power up" button that powers up your Ki, and you regain Ki like normal, when your full, and continue to press the "Power up" button, your power level rises to it's maximum. As for...
  17. E

    Powering up

    i think it would be cool if you were powering up things around you would be affected. Like while you are powering up rocks come off the ground, trees fall down, and a crater form. I am not sure it this can be done with the HL engine though... i think it would be sweet to if while you were...
  18. N

    How about a different looking aura for powering up?

    The current powerup aura is kinda doesnt look right i dont think anyway you could like use the turbo aura but make it bigger when powering up? Just a random thought from a noob.
  19. S

    transforming + powering up

    hey I think when you powerup or transform there should be bigger rocks flying up and shattering into smaller ones. also when you are transforming there should be some force, when someone is on a pl close to yours they get pushed back and moving forward towards the guy transforming is...
  20. S

    Powering Up

    i think for the beta 1 they should make it so that when u power up, u can blow ppl away, just like in the show (but only if ur stronger than the opponents near u or while u r transforming) and to stop from being blows away u have to use ki, like u do after been kit in melee. anyfeed back plz