1. FalconFury

    Another life planet for humans to live?

    They say kepler is a new planet that all men-kind can live. But the air is different. Like what if there is an alien Watching us. What if our planet is destroyed and we all go to this planet and see all kinda unexpected species that live there. Discovered now, this planet doesn't look like...
  2. Tenzo

    Earth-like planet found in Libra constelation Sounds exciting, doesn't it? :)
  3. S

    The Secret Planet Of the Kais map ,request

    Hi I was wondering if it's possible for the team to make the kai planet map. it's one of my favourites
  4. sub

    Anyone have the planet vegeta map for 1.2.3?

    It came in a brolly pack I think.
  5. Disguise

    Planet Vegeta

    First Impressions I thought I'd go big or go home, so the first map I'll be working on is one of Planet Vegeta. I wanted to be sure I'd get the feel of it right, so I began working with the initial concepts of the map. At first I knew nothing except pictures showing it was a big red planet. My...
  6. -Origin

    Little Big Planet.... fun. Discuss.
  7. Jakut

    Lost Planet (PC)

    Anyone wanna play? Just post your steam or skype ID
  8. M

    Planet Half-Life Reviews ESF 1.2.3.

  9. sub

    Planet with water found It's uninhabitable by our standards, but it's awesome we finally found antoher planet with water.
  10. Jakut

    Lost Planet PC

    Well it's been out for a while, so if anyone here has it then here's my questions: Is it worth getting? Oh and another one, is online play really that bugged?
  11. S


    hello guys havent been on this site in about two years and i saw how much some of you have progressed in 3d so it inspired me to give 3dmax another try this is my latest work. (off a tutorial i found on the web.) render max I think the only thing missing are some clouds but idk...
  12. Jakut

    Lost Planet PC demo to be released tomorrow.

    Well according to gamespot, the PC version of that game will be released tomorrow. the little add in the middle. Let's see if i can max it out XD
  13. Zeonix

    Hottest Planet around. I'd tap it. Good stuff.
  14. Zeonix

    Water Found in Extrasolar Planet's Atmosphere I kinda figured they'd find this eventually, but at least there's finally confirmation.
  15. jp

    Serenity - some planet art

    I made this today, was bored, I like to call this piece "serenity". :P the title has probably been over used, but I don't care ;o Still want to add a few things, perhaps a nebula in the distance or something.
  16. M

    Tiberium Planet

    Originally, I was trying to make the Earth, but it was too difficult, so I just went with the next best thing:
  17. john_volkov

    save the planet game mode

    so i was thinking about this to make a save the planet game mode here it how: on a map there's like 30 humans or less and you will have to save them from the evil forces you can use evrythign here beam melee evything and the humans must defend them so no more run awey from a death ball or an...
  18. D

    planet side reserves in this you can play planet side for free, up tilll march..>^_^_^_^_, im dling it, discuss?
  19. ZeroNightmare

    Lost Planet

    anyone plated the demo, its kind of starship trooper ish, but its kind of cool. for the xbox, capcoms developing it.
  20. Theoboy

    King Kai planet question?

    What do you think there would work best for a map based on King Kais planet: A round or a flat map?
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