1. @lv/n

    Ultima Online haters... WELCOME!!!!

    Ultima Online SUCKS!!!!! the worst RPG ever... Who's with me? it's boring and it gives me a hedhache when a go to a lan-house and have to watch ppl play Ultima whole i'm dead in CS... it's just STUPID!!!!!! a 2d graphial game with no interest at all... I ask my friens: "Why do you still play...
  2. M

    online saga battles

    how about wekkly saga battles like u make a perment sever and u host a saga like raddirz and u have a to dl a map and model and set it to 3 players and one would be goku picollo and radditaz and every week it would go on to the next saga like a fun thing to battle for
  3. O

    Server Online

    Hello, I have a problem when I create a server my little brother and myself are able to join.(Me and my brother are connected through Internet via an network) But my other friends cant join. Could this be a firewall problem? And this might be very stupid to ask but how do I temp...
  4. U

    help, with making a online server.

    ey guyz yesterday i tryed playing with my cousin n mates in steam on my server but it wasnt a internet server... or anything how could i make it so any one can join? do i use that dedicated server stuff or wat please help anything would help me atm...
  5. N

    !!!!!CANT PLAY ONLINE!!!!!!

    Hey guys I really need some help :) Firsty can your guys give me some ESF servers i will be able to use Or some IP address so i can play. :laff: Before i cant play oline i have 1 problem, When i click on Internet Games it starts loading WON and then a pop up comes up and says: "Your...
  6. K

    I can't play online

    I keep on geting an error saying my cd-key is invalid can anyone help me? It's an original cd-key but it does not work.
  7. X

    Great free online game

    I think this is a really interesting game. http://www.***********/page.php?x=2069352 Any one else think so
  8. C

    Knight Online

    This is the new, free, rpg! Its great, its not to hard to level, easy to make money, new tiems, and everything. Theres PvP (in the arena, if you challenge someone to a match), quests, clans, and the fighting is quite fun. I love it. Im a...
  9. T

    dnd online

    If anyone cares Turbine Ent. is publishing Dungeons and Dragons Online.
  10. R

    ps2 online

    hey ppl, i will be gettin m ps2 online, iv got T.H.U.G , n.4.s.u tht are internet compatible, i will be getting socam real soon, but i was wondering if ne one has got there ps2 online, if so wot games they got and wot make it so special
  11. J

    ESF online server

    i have a server of ESF, tryit plz, i hope works fine!!! :P i have one for CS, port 27015 and other for DMC, port 27016 any comment plz do it:
  12. S

    i can't play online

    i want to play online but my keycode is invalid i have the orginal version of half-life what do i do?
  13. Enix

    does anyone play halo online?!?

    i just got halo for pc and wanted to know if anyone played online cause its so boring looking for a game and no one is on. if anyone does play im neoboy so if you see me on there ....DONT BLOW ME UP!!