1. Blashix

    Offline ESF 1.3 Question

    Will there be the option to play in ESF 1.3 do single player or offline game?
  2. V

    hallo and help!

    signed upp for the forum so i could get help for the 1.3 open beta powerlevel command. searched trough the forum and found that. sv_chats 1 restart powerlevel 1000000/10 000 000 should work. and i dont get any error or anything. it just wont change. and will esf open beta ever support...
  3. N

    Offline Server/Game.

    I Am relatively new to ESF and I was wondering why some settings won't change when I create an offline server/game. It always seems to be in teams. I prefer FFA Fighting style and couldn't figure out why the game resets all the values. I am currently using the 1.2.3 version of the game, I have...
  4. B

    Are the servers offline?

    Hello, Steam says something like "Cannot connect the server".;( Can you give me the ID of one that´s online?:smile:
  5. Z

    Not working in offline mode for Steam

    Hi, being from south africa my steam sits in offline mode most of the time, but when I try to launch the 1.3 Open Beta it tries to create the map, then bombs back to the start screen. It works fine in online mode.

    Can i someway play offline ? (with frends and bots)

    Can i :] ? I have downloaded version 1.2.2 and pach it with 1.2.3 pach and it shows me the same error:cry: :cry: :cry: It was something like this - 1- files missing - WSAEDDRINUSE ; WSAENOTSOCK - and bicouse of that it can lunch IPX ( or something like that - i cant remember ) Then...
  7. vinay87

    My steam isnt working offline now.

    Damn. I have to switch on the net everytime I play. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. J-Dude

    Offline Play stops working!!!

    Okay, this is pissing me off to no end. In the last few days, for some reason offline play for ESF has stopped working. This has never hapenned before and I can only guess why. Everytime I try to start an offline LAN game, the game loads all the way to precaching and then exits back to the menu...
  9. T

    Story Line DBZ Offline

    How can I play the storyline from DBZ offline???
  10. S

    offline help

    B4 i go online and lose i want to practice how do i make offline games? (yup noob question)
  11. vinay87

    Problem setting offline Game

    The damn thing sez that the version of models/shenlong.mdl is wrong. Sumthin about 30 should be 0... Could someone upload the file please? Or you could email the file to me... [email protected]
  12. S

    ragnarok battle offline

    i've heard of ragnarok battle offline, by other people, and i want to try it out...but! i can never find the OFFICIAL SITE!!~~~ if anyone knows it can u PLEAAASSEEEE!!!! tell me! :cry:
  13. N


    Can I play this game offline, namely a deathmatch-style mode? I looked in the FAQs, but there was no info about this. Thanks for the help.
  14. Z

    OFFLINE mode

    Is is just me, or when you create a server (for a offline game), whatever game mode you select (freemode, teams, DBs) it only goes in to TEAM MODE??? What's up with that?? thanks a lot!
  15. N

    what version to download (OFFLINE play)

    here is my problem: my computer has counter-strike 1.6 v21 (with Half-Life1) which is from DigitalZone that i downloaded off the net. i have installed some MODS (most are recent versions) with out any problems. some requires the editing of listenserver.cfg and server.cfg. but a mod i...
  16. D

    how do u play offline?

    i would like to play offline but then i cant find the offline option for steam
  17. S

    Esf Offline mode??

    Im just curious to know if its playable offline? .. meaning after its all installed and updated, could it played offline against just Bots?.. If so then i could put this on my Labtop an play it at work on my dinner hour! :P
  18. M

    ESF 1.1 no offline game??

    i got the hafe life update and i don't get the API thing anymore. i download bot 3 setup.exe and put them in ESF folder and turned them on. but when i load up ESF it only has online games:/ i don't want to play online,i just want to beat the hell out of the but the one...
  19. manontherun

    Ragnarok Battle OFFline 2

    Since some tard closed the other one when I had a good reason to up it, I made this.... The link to the file from this thread to be down. A bud of mine wants to check it out so does anyone have a new link? P.S. (Don't take offense, not...
  20. G

    Ragnarok Battle Offline

    First of all, I have no idea if this is warez or not since it doesnt have a fancy website nor a "Click here for free download" so if any mod does know more about this and knows for a fact its warez, close/delete/ the whole 9 yards. Alright here we go. Ragnarok Battle Offline Official...
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