1. Byakuya

    For some odd reason

    I can only play in team-mode in 1.2.3. I can choose Free fighting ot Drgnball mode but it still ends up start as Team Mode. This occured after i uninstalled ECX, so i uninstalled ESF all-together and deleted the remaining files in the folder. Then i reinstalled, and I still have the same...
  2. Tsunami

    Odd problem...

    For the past 2 weeks my machine stops turning off my monitor like I have it set to do. During the day it will do it sometimes, but at night it stops altogether. I usually have to reapply the settings for it to turn off, and the sometimes that doesn't fix it and I have to do it again. I...
  3. J

    I don't get it. Odd problems here (1.3)

    Hey all, just decided to try out the open beta version today. got the latest full install, extracted it to my steam apps. It shows up on the menue and I can launch it. After this things start to become wierd, I can't select anyone but the old characters. The character selection looks the same...
  4. Killface

    Very Odd FPS issue

    Alright, heres the deal. I'll be playing Empire Earth 2: Art of Conquest, and after about 20 minutes, the FPS will be at like 38, then it'd jump down to 3 and accelerate back up to 30ish really fast. Then 2 seconds later it'll do the exact same thing. The wierd thing is, is that this only...
  5. Kaination

    Odd question, but how to fix a TV?

    Yeah, I was playing KH2, decided to take a breka and watch some Foster's, when my TV blinks a few times (off and on) and now it doesnt play sound or change channels. It's blinked a lot over the past year, but this time it just kind of stopped working right. All thats happening is it wont...
  6. Optimus Prime

    Have any odd quirks?

    No, this is not the same as the 'What grinds your gears' thread. It's for weird things, things that most people wouldn't have. I have what I consider to be quite a strange quirk. It really bothers me, when I offer someone a piece of gum, and they take the window piece. I don't know why, but...
  7. G

    Odd Message In All Servers

    Whenever I join a server, it always pops up saying, "Please turn off all colored models to play on this server." I have no idea what it's talking about. I have no custom models or anything, so I'm wondering what this is talking about. Please help! Also, I'm having random crashes while playing...
  8. S

    Seems odd

    I was playing on a esf server yesterday... 1v1 .. and the guy i was playing against.... always used EXCACTLY the same melee moves... every single time... never different in any way.... was he using some kind of script?
  9. I

    Odd Shiled Idea

    Hi there Don't hate it when you're charging a move and get melee from behind. Reason being that when get by a melee you lose your attack. If the attack hits the wall or something you and your teammates are closed by and you take damage or die. So how a back shield idea. Even something to...
  10. Guru_San

    bit odd oO

    C+C if ye want... was sorta rushed sozi guys! -SaN
  11. F

    Ki ball bug, something odd

    I know everyone knows about the ki ball bug. And how it doesn't go away. Well not too long ago (id say 2 minutes ago) Kagato and I were about to fight. To initiate when to go. would be when the ki ball blows up. it shot at it a few times. and it grew. i'm like niiice no bug!!! But then Kagato...
  12. K

    wow odd things happen when people makes games/mods

    lots of time when there is an update or something like a huge patch or anything small, lots of times, someone important happens to get into an accident, y is this so common for mod/game makers? whats going on? omg they are cursed!!! STAY [email protected] O_O O_O O_O O_O
  13. R

    Some odd bug or something?

    Rite, installed esf 1.2 - played it - no complains :laff: BUT, when I play a map like esf_city, battlearena, etc. - My game crashes? WTF!? But this does not happen on just one server, it happens everywhere where one of these maps is played - so can anybody help me with this one? And...
  14. thor

    odd things

    Ok ive looked all over the forums for this and i cant find anything about it so here goes. I joined a server the oher day the map was esf_nameks_revival i think and this is where i have the problem it let me connect fine and everything but! the map was different from what i have well i mean...
  15. S

    An Odd One....

    i have a pretty wierd problem that i cant seem to fix at all and need BIG HELP....my crosshair is always off by at leas a inch and a half and when i movei t around it goes the wrong way and glitchs....??? any ideas? it cant be the angle or distance cuz i messed with that many times and...
  16. Suh Dude


    Ran-d Typed in redsaiyan.net and it linked to esforces.com lol... anyone know what happen?
  17. darknavigator

    Something Odd

    I see this from time to time.. http://groups.msn.com/-ES-/darknavigator.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=133 For some reason, that THING shows up. I think its a beam trail, but my beam quality is at medium/high.
  18. P

    odd problem..please help me

    ok, i use the hullfilke and all and whan i compile it usees the DOS NAME of the map something like BLA~1 or something like that and it does not copy it to the main maps dir of ESF i use zhlt tools for compile...
  19. darknavigator

    Odd problem...

    Im trying to get Half Life on another comp (I got a cd-key) and I open Half Life, and then it just poofs and goes back to the desktop. Its a windows 98 and very crappy :\ . Anyone know the prob?
  20. Loki

    Odd feeling when watching anime

    I was just wondering, I don't want to sound wierd or anything during specific moments of anime that I get a wierd feeling like right under my skin, but I happened to be watching Chobits and this time the feeling was extremely strong. I was wondering if anyone else experiences this odd feeling...