1. wheres_

    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, rockman fans news.

    Zero is confirmed.
  2. H

    Latest news updates on ESF

    Boys I have to say I am loving what I am seeing on the main page, you've made the half life engine look unrecognisable. ESF_city looks great, the character outlines really give it a manga look, and the gfx on the beam battles looks amazing. I'm sure i'm not the only one who is salvating at...
  3. sub

    I have some good news and some bad news

    The good news is that scientists have discovered a cure to cancer. The bad news is, it's down syndrome.
  4. Skyrider downtime Information [Site/Forum News]

    Hey everyone, For the past few days, was completely broken. The only thing that did worked were the sub-domains, such as and the other links that mostly none of you use. Do make a long story short, it was my fault that it broke in the first place. I needed to...
  5. Holmisen

    1.3 open beta any news?

    HI i had played this game loong time ago and i stoped cuase there was no news but i will start now again and help you guys if there is any problem but it was 2 years ago since ive been played it so im kinda old ^_^ i need to know what is new in open beta and is it full version i mean is it the...
  6. elcor

    news film coming

    Max Payne Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Yes Man Terminator Salvation Outlander i will post more here also you can post.coment
  7. sub

    Video of a living alien to be revealed on Denver news Friday And I think I speak for all of us when I say pics (er.. vids) or bs.
  8. VideoJinx

    Alarming News

    YouTube - George Noory - Collapse of World Economic System
  9. Tsunami

    Fox News: Mass Effect is sick and wrong Its great how they get their "facts" about the game so wrong, but when did facts get in the way of a good story on Fox? Kudos to the guy for defending it as best he could in the few seconds they gave him.
  10. M

    In the News.... Wow. Just wow.
  11. H

    Good News!!!

    Well for those of you who care once my uncle comes onto msn he said he will give me his old steam account so when that happens i can play esf i just wish he would hurry
  12. ~*Logan*~

    Special News Bulletin! Resident Evil movies hit rock bottom! Logan is not amused!;_ylt=AofcOgV4Mtm_gQr3mlME.9ZfVXcA The first movie was done really well. It captured the Resident Evil feel in movie form without trying to copy too much from the game. Lots of horror with some action thrown in. The second movie...
  13. M

    update news

    ok i dled the new update and try it and found soem new things 18 got destrco disc ginyus body change now works burters sorta been added no model though and i think thats all i found so far
  14. Grega

    News about Half Life 3 O.O

    Gabe just posted an entry about Half Life 3 on his personal site! *link Removed due to poor taste* Cheeseman O.O
  15. elNarr

    'Breaking News' Saddam to be Hanged today or tomorrow

    I saw from bbc that Saddam Husseim would be executed today or tomorrow, my guess is that he'll be executed tomorrow at 12.00 am - 5.00 am distance @ my local timeline+2 GMT. One word: Hooray. But i still have an disturbing chill at my spine, that something will happen after that, i don't...
  16. Tsunami

    news for aussie 360 owners;title;4
  17. Optimus Prime

    I won't dare let the news forget about me!

    Oh Jack Thompson, you never cease to amaze, Source. Oh Jack, please just shut the **** up.
  18. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Interesting news about the PS3 controller capabilities...

    I was reading up on some recent PS3 info and found out that the controller has actually been retooled to give PS3 users the best of both worlds. It comes with a rechargeable pack and cable that can be hooked up to the machine and charged, similar to the Xbox360's battery pack, except it's free...
  19. Kurt`

    With all the bad next-gen news:

    At least one company is on target \o/
  20. Grega

    ESF-World news

    OMG tournament mode for ESF :p You can read the folowing quote here directly. So what you think. Some things in there seem quite interesting :p