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Nov 30, 2002
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Hey everyone,

For the past few days, was completely broken. The only thing that did worked were the sub-domains, such as and the other links that mostly none of you use. Do make a long story short, it was my fault that it broke in the first place. I needed to gain some information that I needed to get my other domains to work, but had to unpark esforces in order for me to get the information. I had difficulties re-parking the domain, so I had to wait for MastaSurf to come online for me to give him the information to bring back up.

So, I'd like to appologize to the people who couldn't get on the forums for the past few days. And to prevent this in the future, I'll give you all the information of all domains and the host domain so you can always access the site and forums. Unless of course the site is dead due to a problem.

First, please remember that this site is hosted by FileFront. This site can always and always be entered by and for the forums. If these URL's are down, then it means there is something wrong with the host itself. Come back in a few minutes or few hours and it is most likely solved! is our main domain. With our sub-domain forum URL. Many of you people are already familiar with the domain. and are 2 new domains that I added today. These domains, including the .com one will forward you to our site hosted currently by DJ-Ready due to some issues we are having.

You can also enter the forums by going to:

But the .com remains the main domain.

Sorry for all the troubles / issues I've caused in the past days.

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