1. PiXel

    Esf News Discuss - 18 Jul 2006 - New members Advance melee

    Hmmm the advance melee sounds promising but in main it changes only in a few. i really odnt have any opinon about that, do you? although congratz you 2 , happy working in esf =) though i never though a concept artist would be able to join that team, but owell. Discuss: Should the...
  2. Vash_Locke

    Tenkaichi 2 NEWS!!!

    Howdy All well i have some news about Tenkaichi 2... I was looking on and i was looking for somethin about BDK3 and i saw a link for Tenkaichi 2 so being curious i clicked it and then i found vids for tenkaichi 2 and i found one vid interestin it was basically a 11 min vid on what...
  3. K

    Bad News For Newbs

    Its bad news for newbs as an interesting couple of glitches that many don't know about have been becoming very frequent. The first is the annoying as hell goku glitch. If you transform then turbo and then hide your power level (hiding your power level BTW is something you need a special patch...
  4. B

    Pre-E3/E3 News, Media, Information, ect

    I see a few threads starting to come around, where people are posting information about news regarding mainly the revolution and it hit me, why not just make a thread where you can post all information that's heading our way about all 3 next generation gaming consoles, including current ones...
  5. Mccdbz5

    Got a reason why they posted this news on April Fool's Day

    Well, by what I have heard from someone, he told me the team posted this news today so you guys would take the news easier. Think about, the team probably knew you guys would react in a good way, thinking it was a joke, so you would be oblivious to what is really happening. Also, I know people...
  6. KidMan

    The Puppet Matrix news post

    So on the front page of the esf webite I notice that mastasurf accidently double posted the same info. I think someone who can edit those should do so now and get rid of the extra post.
  7. wheres_

    News update.

    In the pics of the new VGUI, both gohan and cells pics remain as the defult esf1.2 models. What can this possibly mean? Are we infact doomed to play as those models forever?!? Please, but poor Warrens mind to rest and tell me they are but placeholders.
  8. DBZ master

    isnt YU-GI-OH is old news its been around for years

    who likes YU-GI-OH any more its been around for years and will im sick of it now
  9. True-Warrior15

    I have 75% of good news

    Hey this is tru...long time no see everyone, i would like to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year but to find out what i was talking about just look on our clan site. ~URL Removed~ Look under the donate(for the slow ones :p ) P.S. When i come back people i think i'ma...
  10. xstortionist

    some pretty good news i assume for ESF future

    We'll recently I have had some theives still artwork off of my FTP for a company I am co-owner of, and we had to get a patent attourney to help us with trademark and copyright laws. While we got everything taken care of for Leather Lid Inserts I also had my whole art portfolio be turned in also...
  11. O

    News Update

    Nice work!
  12. itr

    BF2 Update news... Looks like the people that stayed on 1.01 might indeed have to reinstall the game and patch to the "new" 1.01 whenever its released. At least this version was made by DICE. I hope it works as good as...
  13. frsrblch

    More News!

    Great update, if I do say so myself. Recoom is coming along well by the looks of it, and that animation was awesome. Im really liking what Ive seen of the FX system too and I cant wait to see what the team will be able to do with it.
  14. M

    More News Please!

    well cuz there haven't been some news in a lot of time ... i was thinking that i should ask for more news .... PLEASE!!!!! O_O
  15. OubliezJe


    There completly Redoing the whole game with better graphics. It was presented in the PS3's introduction, id ytou look at it on Its the day i have been waiting for.
  16. DragonDude

    Martians Attack ESF Forums, News At 11

    Oh noes!
  17. Tsunami

    Breaking news

    Pope John Paul the 2nd died moments ago at the Vatican. I was not Catholic, but as a christian in general he was a man I looked up too. He was a great man and will be missed. R.I.P
  18. _Goku_

    About the news update

    I just what to tell you all that I whant to know if in a battle of advanced melee like in 1.2 , a other player can enterfere?? because if [for example frezzer grabs vegeta with tail and starts to hit him in his stomach like in the frezzer saga ] 2 fight you can grab the enemy in your own atack...
  19. AuretheMaster

    About the news update

    That update makes me horny =D Not the 18 part, but the fact that we will be able to freely punch without interlock? or did i misunderstand? =/ :P ( Yes, i know, i havent posted anywhere in a while, but hey! im still around! :P ) P.S. to those of you who dont like me, Good. =D...
  20. ~*Logan*~

    Today's news update

    I must say I'm glad to hear that advanced melee is going to have more eye candy as well as unique styles for every character, like 18 wrapping her legs around the opponent (sexy :shocked: ME NEXT, 18!) and bashes their face in like the quote said. Its good to know 1.3 will be more than just...