1. S

    Long time player Longer time N00b

    Hello ESF forums, I've been a very long time player of ESF, Although I thought awhile, ago since saying Final, the team on ESF packed up shop and left. I've Been playing I think 1.0 ESF on Lan games for almost 2 years now I think, and been playing it maybe even beyond that, Just by chance I...
  2. Snowm@n

    N00b Boyfriend

    You gotta love Collegehumor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVfVqfIN8_c&feature=channel
  3. P

    n00b question

    ok, im having a total blonde moment -- how do i transform when i get the required power level?
  4. dan_esf_fanatic

    n00b question.

    I know this is gonna sound n00bish and a lot of you will laugh your asses off at me, but I gotta ask: When a model is edited, does it lose its animations? :rolleyes: EDIT: wtf ass isn't censored anymore? l33t!
  5. Raven

    N00b / Non-N00b / Pro - European Servers

    Hello again everybody. When I played on my servers every now and then, I realized that there's gotta be a change in at least some of them. When I was hoping to play versus skiled players and my servers were full of N00b I was often dissapointed and the other way'round I hearded lots of N00b...
  6. G

    I'm a n00b forgive me

    I've downloaded a few character models and a few attack sprites but i dont know how to put them onto the game, can anyone help?
  7. Drmt`

    stupid problem (danger - n00b ahead)

    well.. i modeled a goku , from esf 1.3 goku's render, do'nt worry i'm nopt ripping it im just practising. i sorta mixed up the projection (left with right) and now my model is all black. look for your self is there a way to fix it? thnx
  8. TaGmAn

    Not a n00b!

    Im not a complete n00b, ive been playi ng for a month and ive reached a skill peak. Of course the best players are so good, i comparitively suck. But i can double push back and own newbs, and play with moderatly good people, my sensativity is set to 15.Here is my question, when im playing with...
  9. F

    What are you a n00b at?

    So this thread is just to share some stuff you are currently working on. It can be anything, music, modeling, sports, etc. If you aren't a n00b at anything what was the last thing you tried doing that you were new at. And if possible show what you're working on. I guess I'll go first. I am a...
  10. D

    ESF n00b problem!

    Hya guys! As you can see I'm a little new around here :D as a registered user! I have been playing ESF 1.2.3 and EVM for a while and the least I can say is that I love them. Now my question: How can I remove the PL limit from ESF and EVM. I ain't really sure that ESF has a power level limit...
  11. S

    Help! Im a n00b! I finally nearly got it working, but...

    All i wanna do is play it, so i go onto internet multiplayer, then create game, and just as its about to do something, this comes up: 'could not load library C:\ProgramFiles\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\steffanic\Half-Life/esf/cl_dlls\client.dll' What do i do to get rid of this and get just one...
  12. Lord Killmore

    meh the GFX n00b did stuff -.-

    hm oh well needed a sig and ava for the RE: Cold Blood forums... didnt want to ask somebody so oh well...since i dont have a sig here either *old one was the NWN leader n stuff and well im not anymore the leader or team member *i use it here too. im not good at gfx so i think it kinda sux but...
  13. KidMan

    n00b Question

    Ok. So how do I get steam to load Half-life? I load steam and the only games it has are HL2, HL2 Death Match, CS:S and Codename Gordon. How do i get it to have Half-life?
  14. M

    Fresh out of the can (a new n00b) quiestion about some stuff...

    Helo. Well ive got these peculiar problems, and i would like for someone to help, im shure these are easy to fix or whatever i just need the info. I bough the half life 1 for the mood, and others as well like Natural selection, riochet, blah blah...and i started to play half life 1 and...
  15. T

    The newset n00b in da forum ;Đ

    Okay i few stuff that i wanted to say: 1.my problem :'(...when i start a LAN game or when i join into 1 it's just exit to windows without any problem..or at least it don't write the problem as windows usually do...who can help? 2.advertiseing :) Come to my forum if u want ;) URL removed -...
  16. N

    CS pwn! ESF n00b plz help me:)

    Hey, I really love this mod good ****. However i blow! i cant connect to any server (.dll) i tried some things and it wont work still. so i am stuck playing bots where my other problem is happening. I cant acend to SSJ at all even after i pass like 3mil PL. Is this normal?? can someone plz help...
  17. Smeg

    n00b me to tears

    Hey guys I would like to report a bug.... well its sort of a bug... it bugs me anyway..... Well what happens is this bug only appears before somebody is about to die... Any way the person (we will call him n00b) will type something out like "F**k O** my mouse isn't working right" and then you...
  18. Brolly USSJ1

    N00b Modeler

    I recently started modeling with lightwave 8.0 and i have plugins, the only thing i need is help giving texture to the model i have the model itself but it has no texture. were and how do i get textures? i have photoshop and am happy to make them, can someone please just help me a bit or post a...
  19. Z

    Hi the n00b is back with a tien Model..! give critz

    i have deleted the SSJ3 model!! of goku and started to model Tiensinhan!! give critz!!:] i thing it is going great but what do you guys thing..!
  20. Z

    My n00b ssj3Goku..! give critz!

    here is my n00bie model.. its made poly b poly.. and the sucks ass.. but if somone will help me finish it i will be glad..! And the hair suks i can make it model made of: Zarp