1. S

    Moving Auras anyone??

    i think if possible then the auras in the game should move thats all i got to say about that....just a thought......
  2. D

    electricty on models?

    Im sry if this has been asked before but what bout model with electricity flying around like with ssj2/3 char
  3. Demi-Shadow

    w00t! new sig, crits please

    ok, down there, this is my 4th sig (MY second, i've made 2 for 2 other people) thanks people :)
  4. N

    How about a different looking aura for powering up?

    The current powerup aura is kinda doesnt look right i dont think anyway you could like use the turbo aura but make it bigger when powering up? Just a random thought from a noob.
  5. S

    Bigger Aura

    Hi, im new in this forum and im a german boy ;) I have a question: The Aura wich is in beta 1 looks boring for me! Can someone please make a bigger aura than the normal? PLZ Big THANX I hope you can help!
  6. F

    Futile's Sig Thread

    I'll just use this thread for my sigs....nothing else.
  7. D

    Moving Mouth on Models.. IDEA!

    Ok I havn't seen this anywhere so I'm going to post it.. When they transform their mouth should open like raaaaa ... you see vegeta transform with a big smile on his face. dont look right at all =\ and maybe when they do their attacks move the mouth like ka me ha me .. ha .. they did it on...
  8. I

    Moving Aura's and hair

    I think the hair should ............ look more hair like =P but thats not what the threads about...... I'm suggesting an animation for the turbo.. the Aura should move instead of just.... not moving.. :S The hair should also move like theres wind... unless everyone uses extermely strong...
  9. N

    Need Your help! What to name him...?

    What should i name this character?.. the face and hair I tried to make not so much look like gohan......., trunks or any of the other DBZ characters i have in the paste drawn like. He isn't!!!! And I'm Saying (ISN'T) here.... He is not a Sayin worrior or a half breed like trunks, gohan,goten...
  10. S

    Moving Aura Idea!

    Yeah i know how u can do a moving aura without that it is stucking in the terrain or in the air and doesnt follow the person anymore. Make different aura facings: let the aura turn into 45° and save. make that until u have 360°. then program the aura so that it changes it facing after...
  11. Ecchi Pr0n

    Moving While Charging

    Hey i was wondering if you can move and charge a beam at one time or is it going to be like the alphas where your just standing there because i was watching some of the cell tournemt eps and goku is jumping/moving towards cell charging a kamehameha
  12. H

    i need help

    ok im used to modeling the MS3d way... adding the verticies... and connecting them to create the faces and walla the model. when my demo of it ran out i dld GMAX... is there NEWAY i can do what i did in MS3d in GMAX cuz i dont feel like learning another proggie and i dont really wanna spend 20...
  13. Synth

    Charging while moving

    how will this work, i seen the goku kamehameha teaser but he just did some flips back. quick suggestion: you press f to fly, what if you hold it rises you up fast. the opposite of when you press f you fall.
  14. S

    Modelling Program Features

    Modelling Program Features gmax poly modelling tools = yes box modelling tools = yes particle systems = no rendering system = no biped animation = no (impretty sure as Character studio costs $$) bone animation = yes IK system animation = no (a charatcer studio thing) good...
  15. M

    moving and shooting

    its pretty obvius that u can move while charging ur ki but i was wondering what happens when u shoot your attack? i think moving is a bad idea cuz the characters never move in dbz like take the offworld tournament after cell saga goku isntant transmisioned and blasted picon. thats all cuz i...
  16. M

    moving and shooting

    its obvious that u can mvoe while u charge up but will u be able to move when u fire ur beam? cuz in dbz they move will they chareg attacks but knot when they fire so wats the deal???
  17. S

    Saiyan Explosion Banner WIP

    What do ya guys think? Its going to be the main header for my upcoming site. Nothing special at the moment since I'm short for time. This took exactly 6 minutes and 32 seconds (No joke, I timed it) It'll still be worked on but for now I like the way it looks. Feedback Please!
  18. SA_Gohan


    Hello everyone. You know I just realized this is my first post in a mapping forum ever . . . Anyway, that's not what I wanted to say, lol. I wanted to know where is the best place to find reference pictures for maps. Thanks all :D later
  19. T


    ooh, this will give some kewl powerstruggles i think.. :). charging your gg while flying around.. :)
  20. K

    Attacks moving you

    i was just thinking it's a bit silly how someone does this pritting big attack, and you just stand in the middle of it and don't even flitch. I was hoping you could make it puch you away like in TFC when you get hit by a rocket.