1. zmaster

    moving the mouth

    guys if u are going to let us chat through a mic like 1.2.3 u should let characters mouth move also in typing chat.
  2. T

    Moving Mouths when talking (like in counter strike)

    Is it a possibility to have those moving lips like in Counter Strike, when some one uses Voice chat? Just a suggestion after all ;)
  3. Barney

    You better watch your ass Deco...

    ...I'm moving to Israel in 7 days. :smile:
  4. sub

    I'm moving to California
  5. sub

    **** it, Im moving to amsterdam Fox News tried to make Amsterdam look horrible. I want to move there now.
  6. Kaination

    Hero pushes old people from moving truck! and gets hit by the truck!

    And gets a ****ing jay walking ticket. lol, oh my god.
  7. broli

    Pangea? Moving continents? Guess again...

    I saw these videos on youtube and I thought they were an interesting subject to share. Basically it completely dismisses the theory of plate tectonics which is the world wide accepted theory.
  8. J

    Moving melee?

    While playing as Trunks an engagin in melee with Freiza, it froze.. at least i thought it did. After button mashing I realised I could still move as normal. After going halfway across the map the melee suddenly started working. It acted all as normal, except freiza was half a world away from me.
  9. Alica_goku_ssj4

    Transforming while moving

    It will be great if u can transform while swooping only 4 those who can descend but only when u reached the perfect trans pl!!!
  10. KidMan

    Moving and Shooting! Part Deux

    Been think this over and trying to make it work, so here is the new re-vamped idea of mine. Say someone is swooping away from you or you are trying to get away from them but they are just too good for you. Well now if you want to make sure you can get away or catch the person you should be able...
  11. $sj Goku

    New Methods of Moving around in ESF

    Here is what i came up with. Double tapping is the regular swoop. Triple tapping could be The triple swoop that allows a player to go nearlly 2 times faster but at a much higher ki cost. If this isn't givin to every character at least give it to Crillin because in the show after crillin...
  12. Ouchyz

    Moving Images

    Im making a Goku mini image because i wana make it a moving image. But i have no idea how to make it move. Can somone please tell me how??
  13. Sicron

    Full metal alchemist manga moving on?

    Well recently, I was reading some bleach forum and came across a FMA thread. And they were saying that the manga was still going on while the anime stopped. So, Does anyone know if this is true, and if it is, do I need to re-read every manga (because I have seen the anime episodes, but I have...
  14. wheres_

    Moving out.

    Just wondering if any of you have gone through this? If you have any advice or tips or whatever they'd be appreciated. It's a pretty big thing I guess, but it's gotta happen sooner or later. In April roughly I'll be heading off. I'm in Perth now (Australia) and will be moving to Brisbane...
  15. |Overlord|

    when u have a beam cheagered and are moving around

    ok , my idea is this , in real life , if u carried let's say a computer around and walked a few hills or walked around for ages , you would feel really tired and saw wouldn't u ? my suggestion is to have some sort of penalty for when u start moving around with beams (there could be some time...
  16. Halorin

    Moving Soon

    I'm probably going to be moving to the Alexandria or Arlington, Virginia area. Anyone know anything about it? Trying to do some snooping around for things like rent and stuff.
  17. H

    moving.. :S

    I have a little problem in ESF :cry: when i go to play some esf and try to make swoop combo there is this little problem that i do fly double time slower then normally i would ;( and so when i do fly double time slower then it's double time harder me to fight there.. :\ so u do u guys know...
  18. I

    Moving in advanced melee.

    I've never posted a suggestion and this is obviously my first one, well here goes. The ESF melee system is very cool and I think they shouldn't change it, but I was noticing that, while meleeing, it looks kinda static. The players aren't really moving around in the map. My idea was to let...
  19. micfiygd


    i cant do anything i cant move or do anything i went to options and keyboard and its empty there no controls there
  20. M

    ESF Movies Moving Mouths Preview

    Heyzz When we were shooting "Vegeta's Revenge" we were kinda bummed by the fact we did't have moving mouths so i had our Video Editor "MasterGoku" take a look at it and he made this Hope you all like it this kind of Moving Mouths will only...