1. F

    Help on photoshop

    meh, i just download *cough*bought*cough* photoshop, and i messed around with it for a while and realized i have no idea what im doing, and all the tutorial on the internet dont help on making sigs, so im wondering if some1 would be nice enough to help meout:D ;D
  2. VivaLaPineapple

    my very horrible short animation

    yes u can animate with absalutely no animating techniques. yeah anyway i took an older render i did and stuck some hands with it an moved it around. only posting this because dark one wanted to see my animating skills. i must warn u its a very crude animation...
  3. B

    damn skins

    how do i make skins on milkshape in windows XP
  4. B

    how do u get holes out

    how do u get holes out of ur projects.
  5. U

    a skin i made

    okay this is a begginner skin okay i just made it
  6. Skyrider

    moved away by beam when struggling

    when a enemy fire's a beam to you. and you are going to bock. you sometimes get pushed to the left. or right! is this a bug? or.....
  7. K

    My Elite Scatterbeam!!!

    Alright, it isn't elite. It looks kinda weird, or really weird but it does look pretty cool. It was originally for a generic beam, but I changed it into the scatterbeam and I thought I would just show you guys.
  8. Z

    quake 3

    i need mapping tutorails for q3 and modling tutorails for q3 who can help me out ?
  9. AscendantSaiyan

    Hmmm i tired to model...

    Right this is the first thing i have ever modeled and i was wondering what you think? Not as how good a goku head it is but more as how good do you think it is for a first try. (this is the reason i didnt post it in the modeling section). <img...
  10. MinesSkylineR34

    a quick photoshop question

    help me out on something in photoshop, for example if you just want the part of the picture that has the whole character, how do you take it out?! the lasso tool isnt very dependable :\
  11. Mr. Satans

    Default Maps (And Some Custom 1's)

    ESF_Island is my least favorite map on ESF (Reasons Below) -- Don't get me wrong Stryker, I respect your skills as a mapper but ESF_Island lags & isn't scaled to the models. The reason I get lag is due to my slow ass CPU speed (p2mx 350mhz! w00t -- Everything else is good 256mb ram, 46gb hd...
  12. S

    how do i use milkshape?

    how do i use milkshape 3d.... i dont know it so dificult and strange this is the first time i try something like that:cry: and i dont know how:cry: please someone help me
  13. S

    i dont know how to work whit milkshape

    how do you work whit milkshape i dont understand it its al to complicated can someone help me please:cry:
  14. V

    can someone give me a link?

    i need a link too a website containing future trunks vs Vegeta and trunks is winning for my sig please:D
  15. mysticssjgoku4

    Mao Problems

    ok Heres One Thing Ive Found Out Wrong About Map Creating For ESF. I tried making four cameras in my map and they did not work. i followed the totourials for it over and over but they still didnt work. plz help
  16. Ranma

    Is Photoshop 7 worth it?

    I have Photoshop 6. I noticed alot of people around here use Photoshop 7. I was wondering is 7 ALOT better then 6? Or are they about the same? What does 7 have that 6 doesn't? EDIT* lol thanks for moving it Firefly, i was going to put it in artwork, but i thought people would considered it...
  17. God Gundam

    goten edits wip

    hey guys its gg, i got some goten edits here, im still working on it, so be patient with me, hes still gettin things done, but basically i gave him a new head, and i gave him some edits on his body
  18. Damaera

    How's my sig that Cold made me a RS member

    How's my sig that Cold made me?
  19. gandalf

    If this is...?

    I filled in were the link to the sig should be "" in. what is my mistake?
  20. S

    hey check this out it is done

    and it is only for FOC HAHAHAHAHA