1. Mr.Lukyas

    Cb.Net moved + phpbb3 SUX!

    ZOMG corona bytes moved to the phpbb3 it sux so hard! Avatars on the right side Ugly skin! No fast reply Ugly skin! Ugly Icons Ugly skin! And Ugly skin!
  2. D

    Vegeta Model

    I have seen the new Majin Vegeta model and it looks great but the only problem is that you would have to change the model for the normal vegeta because of the clothes difference. I would just like to know if the ESf team is going to change the clothes on the normal vegeta to his vest like he...
  3. OubliezJe

    Need a picture?

    If youneed apicture leave your info aim ore-mail. and i dontmean signature, i MEAN A PICTURE lol. crap i posted in the wrong one can someone move this to artwork?
  4. Gangster464


  5. Pemalite


    Ok, after playing esf for 5 hours straight, I decided to watch dragon ballz from the start (I have every episode on tape) and I noticed something... in esf frieza has 2 toes, BUT in the videos he has 3! (god attention to detail, lmao) Im not sure if anyone has picked this up, but yeah I did... lol
  6. G

    ssj4 models

    Does any one know where I can get a good ssj4 model for esf? I cant find any anywhere!!!
  7. A

    vegeta beam bug PLEASE help

    when vegeta fire´s a beam, i get a really stretched out version, which looks very funny, and when he is finish firering it, he comes back to normal, can someone help me??
  8. E

    aura 1.1 after new install like 1.0....

    i hope i have the right section for that lil problem. i have downloaded full beta 1.1 because at patch i have crash in game after 20minutes :( i uninstalled the patch and installed beta 1.1 full. but now my powerup aura is like beta 1.0..... but at patch i have a "ball(?)" can anyone tell me...
  9. T

    WIP King Kai

    well i was bored today and alot of ****t has been happening to me and well i just felt like laying low today so i devoted today to learning 3ds and ****t is what i came out with. *edit i already made his robe longer
  10. SpriGGan

    Esf Modelers

    i have only recently signed up on this forum as you can tell by the psot count lol but i have been reading and following certain threads for a lnog time now but never botherd posting. Mostly i have been interested in downloading models for esf and the one thing that i realy annoys me is when...
  11. K

    in ESF 1.1 how much TRANSFORMERS can we do?

    still only super sain 1????
  12. K


    maybe some one can make a sonic pack sonic = gohan liek it already is tails = piccolo knuckles = vegeta robotnic = fat buu "dont know what his trans would be but meh" shadow = cell =transformation maybe super shadow?? the alien guy that was made out of liquid from SA1 = frieza amy =...
  13. S


    rs forums are down so I thought I'd try here,,, rs used to have a model bebi vegeta for ssj , the one where he is wearing a black suit and bright yellow armor.They dont have it no more.. does nebody have it that can add me and send it to me.. I would greatly appricitate it..
  14. I

    Modelling (damn)

    Can someone tell how i convert .ms3d to .mdl? i´m just noob model maker :I
  15. R

    I need halp, please!

    OK that's my problem: When iam at the end (or at the top) of the map, all objects in the map just DISAPPEAR and i only can see players. How can i fix this problem?!:(
  16. B

    Model Pack here (not by me)

    I Have made a model pack AND I HAVE NOT MADE THE models There is problay everything you can think off except of a Frieza model and a Krillin model (I think) :devgrin: I Have found some credits and it goes to : AZN Dragon, Majin Gotenks ESF team members, SS_Vegeta, Mastersurf,D.C...
  17. D


    HI! I am not sure if this should go in help but does anyone know where i can download models! Thanks Anyways
  18. S

    what program is needed to start mapping?

    where and what do u need? Thanx
  19. ssj999vegeta

    error loading bmp

    every time im in adobe softwar and i save changes to a model bmp and then try to import it back ontop the model an error comes up saying error loading bmp wtf is that and it only happens with adobe warez
  20. G

    its bd gohan