1. Z Power

    Computer Starts but Monitor shows Blank.

    After a long, long time i am finally able to rebuild my PC again. But now after i have assembled it, when i start it, it just won't show up. I bench tested it, all the fans and Dvd drives work, all the lights light up but my monitor just keeps blinking that green light. Now before you guys give...
  2. Kaination

    Just got a second monitor, any way to hook up individual speakers to it?

    So I just found a DVI --> HDMI cable that works perfectly, so now my 32" tv is now a secondary monitor. I'm wondering, is there any way to hook up individual speakers to where it can detect whatever is on the second monitor, be played through speakers. kind of like an if-then statement...
  3. Nemix

    Monitor Problems

    Screen shaking at 85 MHz. Monitor: Old IBM Tube Monitor Video Card Driver: Installed Monitor Driver: LOL... ahm No What should I do? If i put it on 100 MHz, it tells me to "Activate The Monitor, Using The PC"
  4. harSens

    Triple monitor setup

    I'm starting to get used to my 24" + 19" monitor setup at work, so now I'm feeling cramped at my home computer (2 x 19"), so I'm toying with the idea of adding a third 24" monitor. I'm also looking for a new videocard, my 6600GT needs some upgrading. What would be the cheapest way to set this...
  5. KYnetiK

    Looking for a new LCD monitor...

    Im stuck here with my 1024x768 CRT, and Im looking to find a good LCD for a decent price. Unfortunately, I have no idea how they have evolved since I first looked at them a long time ago. Im looking for something with a wide viewing angle, and good for gaming (ie proper black, minimal motion...
  6. Prozac

    How do I turn my Monitor in to a mirror?

    Hey everyone, question. Is it possible to use a background that would essentially turn my monitor into a mirror?! I tried scanning a mirror.. doesn't work!
  7. H

    Monitor messing up

    I have this LCD monitor and at very random times even though it still works it'll display a blue shade of color over everything for a random period of time. Does anyone know why this is or how to fix it?
  8. Barney's_Soul

    Got new monitor - image quality bad

    Okay guys, my new I-inc 25 inch HDMI monitor just arrived in the mail yesterday ( specs are here ), and the image quality is terrible. The colours are all washed out and look bad, and yes I'm running at 1920x1080 native resolution. Even...
  9. Nuttzy

    pc monitor magnet damage

    ok well, ill keep it short, im about to go to sleep. the color screwups that occur on a pc monitor bt getting it near a magnet (in my case a speaker) that are fixed by the degauss button, can this cause permanent damage to the screen if done repeatedly that cannot be fixed by degauss? or...
  10. Kaination

    Getting a new computer, is this any good? Also recommend me a good monitor.

    im gonna get this computer, I have a pretty good knowledge about computers, just not fully 100% understand. It's a massive upgrade from my current AGP computer piece of ****. This to me looks like an awesome deal...
  11. dan_esf_fanatic

    Will these settings hurt my monitor and/or TV?

    Well I decided to switch to 1152x864 resolution today, even tho I have a 17'' monitor. Gotta say it looks a lot better than 1024x768, but I heard that it can strain your monitor or something. I'm not that good with hardware, so I wasn't able to confirm this myself. So now it looks like this...
  12. M

    LCD Monitor Recommendations

    It seems that only after about two years, my current monitor is becoming damaged, though I have no idea how. The only two things I've noticed is that in the top-left corner of the screen is cut off, and that there's some kind of damage to the screen across the top of the screen, though it's hard...
  13. dan_esf_fanatic

    Monitor problems.

    Alright. Sometime last year, my monitor got the habit of hysterically jumping up and down, and streching every time it cooled down. I'm talking about the picture, of course xD. Once it warms up the picture is normal, but that takes 15-20 minutes usually.I've tried everything, all my drivers are...
  14. sub

    xbox 360 + monitor

    If I wanted to hook an xbox 360 up to a computer monitor, does anyone know how I'd go about doing that? Thanks for any help in advanced
  15. DJ-Ready

    can a high resolution kill a monitor?!

    Ok, I was in my display settings and increased my resolution to something like 2048 times xxx or something like that ... I hit apply and my screen turned black. So I just though the monitor couldn't display that resolution and it would turn back to 1600x1200 after 15 seconds ... but it didn't...
  16. jp

    Monitor problems D:

    Since a few weeks, my monitor is acting weird when playing certain games. My screen is getting squished vertically, I get these "black bars" on every side, same when watching wide-screen movie on TV, but instead having a black bar up and under, I have them on each side. This is really...
  17. J

    Monitor Refresh Rate problem

    I just got a new monitor, it says the 2 refresh rates it can handle are 60, and 70. 60 works fine, but when I try to put it on 70, my monitor just does "Sync. Out of Range" . Really would appreciate help, 60 hertz is hurting.
  18. M

    New monitor

    Looking for a new lcd monitor with a panel preferably, any ideas? My current one only reaches 1280 reso, i would like one that preferably reaches 1600+ if you have any idea's for a good one toss em my way, price range is negotiable at this point in time.
  19. SailorAlea

    New Monitor

    I've been in the market for a new monitor to replace my 19" flatscreen CRT. I've looked around and come back to this one several times: But it's kind of expensive. Usually anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500. But I was looking around on...
  20. S

    dark monitor...

    Okay, i just about had it with this thing... this monitor is 8... 9 years old >_> but thats not really the problem (i dont think) Problem is, whenever i enter a 3d game, it turns everything really dark =\ i used to be able to bypass this by alt tabbing and I'd scroll through programs back to...