1. Flink_Power

    Mecha Frieza Model

    Hi! Where can i find this model: It's from ESF Evolution Addon : But the link doesn't work:-/ Or a another mecha frieza model exist? Thank's.
  2. Shadi

    Model remover (credits goes to hleV)

    First of all, sorry for my bad English :) Hey, this is a simple plugin, it basically removes random models on a map. Let's take an example, in esf_cell_games_night, you see lot's of trees and stones. They can cause disturbance in the middle of your fight, let's take an example: if your...
  3. Flink_Power

    Custom Model In ESF 1.3 Beta

    How to add a model in the box "Custom Model"? Thank's.
  4. H

    importing a model into ms3d...

    the mdl is made out of 220 animation files (smd) 1 object file (smd) some BMPs and a QC file... im trying to import a model from my ESF dir into Milkshape for practice modeling but it has over 200 animations.. and i have to import them 1 by 1... is there any faster way to import it all the...
  5. Damaera

    Half-Life 1 Poly Limit - without having to split a model into multiple objects

    Did this for GG just now, might as well post it here for the modelers who are curious about what the limit is.
  6. M

    Goku model question

    Hello there do you know of any Goku ssj models that have that attack he used against frieza (lets call it "You Fool!") for ECX RC2 Bigpack 8.4?
  7. Fusion

    SV Gohan model request

    I need gohan model made by Super Vegetto but i want the good one...i found the model but the face vertex is not so good.
  8. Nemix

    Lord Slug 1.2 Model Edit

    yeah... yeah me and my model edits... but this guy was never made by anyone Ok Nuttzy asked for Credits, here they are: Smo - Piccolo Base Model Doormat - Vegeta Lowerbody Editing - Me: Added the things on his chest... edited the face... edited vegeta's legs.... created a helmet.... changed all...
  9. D

    My second model (WiP)

    hi all just wanted to know what you think of my second model.. grtz
  10. D

    My First Model..

    Hi everyone 3 days ago i downloaded Blender 3D. the first day i thought yep another program i won't be able 2 work with and will only be on my computer to take my free space second day i knocked down my lack of confidence and then this happend on the third day that is today...
  11. $

    Model request

    pardon the noobness but has ne1 come across a dabura or general rilldo model???????? If so could you post where you got it from..........oh and how do you add models to esf ecx rc2????
  12. shadowcast

    WIP model (from my head)

    as concepts really just modeled one polygon after another and came up with something i call...the...thing :D
  13. mutsu

    goku model bug

    Hi, while starring at my desktop-background I was kind of wondering about goku: By sawing this I looking through the endless widths of the internet and I found this: If you still don't know what I mean then have a closer look on the back-symbol by muten roshi of goku. It's...
  14. P

    Vegeta model (advice and rank plz)

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum but not new to ESF game :D It's one of the best games as I am big fan of Dbz;) About 2 years ago I've done some modelling but then I stopped and now I picked it up again. I had an idea to create kinda DBZ short movie and my first model was Vegeta. I think it's...
  15. Nuttzy

    the NUTTZY policy, when it comes to model ripping/editting

    ALL MODEL EDIT PICTURES, REQUIRE FULL WRITTEN CREDITS FOR EACH AND EVERY TRIANGLE/PIXEL USED. NO EXCEPTIONS. if you cannot find out who made the model, ask around. ANY thread with the lame ass"original creator" credits will be instantly deleted and replaced with a random picture of my...
  16. Nemix

    ESF Model Showoff (+Credits)

    This Thread is dedicated for people like me or like you, who think they make great looking Model Edits or just like looking at Good Models. Well every Model Editor is invited to post his best works here. Only with one condition: GIVE CREDITS TO EVERYTHING YOU DID TO THE MODEL! I will do most of...
  17. Mous4u

    ESF ECX RC2 Gohan Bojack Saga Model

    ok i know someone already did a thread like this but i want a model for ESF ECX RC2 and i want to replace the gay Purple Piccolo Suit For Gohan To The Red And Blue Suit From Goku and i also want the blue shirt inside of the Goku Suit hanging out of the arm... someone please help me i really want...
  18. SG_SSJ!

    How can I use Vegeta costum model

    Hi guys I have a question! How can I use Bu Saga Vegeta?(Vege costum model) I adeed de model and I can See it in the character selct screen but how can I uset?
  19. Nemix

    Model Deforming When Animating

    ok i tried to do some animations for an oozaru... like walking i put him in the pose i wanted then i wanted to put his head strait and his arms in the pose i wanted to but when i rotated theyr bones the model deformed... the head got bigger and the same at the hands... could someone explain why?
  20. L

    Model File Conversion

    Model conversion is not working, I've been trying to get my scenes to go into .mdl for the mod but can't get it. help?