1. ESForever

    In Memory of Dragonball Z Heroes Of Our Destiny

    Dragon Ball Z Heroes Of Our Destiny
  2. Mous4u

    In Memory Of Micheal Jackson Thread. (1958 - 2009)

    Ok This time i am in general chat so dont worry about spam. now do you like Micheal Jackson (R.I.P 1958 - 2009) in this thread we say a speech about micheal jackson - bad or good - also it dosent matter how old the thread is cause Micheal Jackson will will never ever be forgotten MESSAGE:EVEN...
  3. B

    Having a hard drive for memory. Gift? Or Disorder? This brings up a question I'd like to talk about. Would you find this ability to have super memory to be a disorder, or a gift? I personally would love to have a better memory, as my current memory sucks. I'd love to remember...
  4. SailorAlea

    -Worthless- XB360 Memory Card

    Honestly. What is the point of these? I have the nice version of the 360 with the hard drive, but I still want to be able to take my save games to another person's 360. So I buy a memory card--a total rip off at $40 for 64MB--and I put it in my 360, ready to transfer my save games. So I try...
  5. bapplebo

    /sysinfo shows memory is at 1007mb...

    But i have a total of 1024mb. Is there a way to get those extra 17mb back? I want to play the CoH demooo
  6. |Overlord|

    Mixing Memory

    Just now I got my older 512mb ddr33 stick off my brother to put in my pc, making a total of 1gig of ram in my system. The other stick is a geil ddr400 stick (just a normal one with a blue heatspreader). I put the memory sticks into both blue slots on my mainboard and my mainboard reports that...
  7. MONXver2.0

    Memory error

    Hi, i've been having this problem I believe around 1.1. Anyways it usally happens when I join servers or the server changes maps. Not all the time. Heck sometimes in the middle for no reason at all. I have read the other threads about this. Anyone know why this happens? ;(
  8. M

    HELP - Program too big to fit in system memory!!!!

    i have downloaded the esf installer and when i run it it says "Program too big to fit in system memory". How can i fix this???? Also when i try to delete the installer it says that it is being used by another person or program although no programs are using the installer!!!!! now i am stuck...
  9. Spectre

    Memory dump ***ness

    Why is my game memory dumping now, ever since it was supposibly FIXED!!!! thats when my problems started, before I had no problems now it crashes every other ****ing game ;(
  10. A

    It says memory could not be read and crashes my server what can I do?

    It like always crashes my server like that when it says like memory could not be read or something like that.Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening? :cry:
  11. Kaination

    My ps2 memory card is acting up

    wtf! i was sitting there ready to play DDR, and it asks me if i wanna start a new file. i check if my memory card is there and its there, so i play a little and i decide to check it out. i goto memory card: "Would you like to format your memory card?" i have a choice of Format or...
  12. Pain

    Memory failure and Donut invisibility

    no idea what caused that just popped up in the middle of my game as for the donut thing: I was playing as buu, I candy beamed someone as he was swooping into me and the candy menu popped up. He began to prepunch me as i turned him into a donut. The donut appeared but I was...
  13. G

    The instruction at "0x1650d392" referenced memory "0x0d743028" can't be "read" ?help

    after a kouple minutes of playing, it has started to keep saying this: Earth's Special Forces: hl.exe_application error The instruction at "0x1650d392" referenced memory "0x0d743028". The memory could not be "read". and says click ok to terminate applicaton and there is nothing i can do...
  14. R

    Memory errors

    I just got my clans server started and everytime i try to join i get this weird memory error message and everyone else that tries to join gets it too
  15. M

    Does anyone know how to increase memory size?

    Recently we had to get my computer wiped, i mean completely. Since then i cant seem to get any of my games to work. My first guess is that its because the memory size is only 32MB. If anyone knows how to increase memory size without buying a new video card or if they have any other ideas on what...
  16. N

    Help (memory problem)

    Ok here is the thing I need to know the requirements for ESF plz mostly how much memory I need I have 112 MB of Ram processor model P4 forgot what my video card is but I know its pretty new operating system is Windows XP it also says I don't have enough virtal memory will someone help me
  17. S

    hhhmm virtual memory error

    i really dont get this, it was working fine yesterday, but today, everytime i try to play 1.2 i get into the chosing class screen, then it crashes saying out of virtual memory, before i run esf, i use ram booster, and shut down all the unneccasary tasks, I have a 1.67ghz proccessor with 128 ram...
  18. A


    i've gotten through this before, but i forgot how.. i couldnt search the topic cause i hate this search system! (an it didnt work anyway).. whever i start my map it shows "memory could not be "writin" " with some error code before that.. whenever i try to compile my map with RAD and VIS...
  19. Mr. Satans

    Virtual Memory w/ Multiple Drives

    I have use two harddrives. My SLAVE drive, which is 31.4 GB (completely empty) I would like to use mainly for virtual memory for my MASTER drive (149 GB MAX - 119 GB Free). What should my virtual memory be set at for my SLAVE drive? MASTER Drive VM Settings --> 672 MB (Min) | 1344 MB (Max)
  20. P

    problem about memory cannot be "read"

    at least once a day, my esf crashes and gives me and error something like(and this is just what i remember from memory): memory referenced at 0xsomerandomnumber and 0xanother random number cannot be "read". and yes the "read" is in quotes in the error. i have no idea what this error means...
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