1. L


    I have a small suggestion. In esf 1.2.3 people spam the advanced mele and all of that, I was thinking that maybe you should completly cut it out in 1.3 and just have it where you have to punch them around. Also I think you could add a attack where you just hit randomly whenever you want and...
  2. D

    ground mele hmm might work

    i have a idea :D of how to make ground fights a reality in esf. well let me say that no one realy stays on the ground in any esf mod version etc more than 5% -10 % at the most. so why do players fight in the sky.. because of the flight system .. now why do players swoop ? .. because the mele...
  3. E

    Mele fight screen goes crazy!

    Everytime i am in a mele fight,the screen shackes,and i do not see what is happening,and when i am fighting,i don't se mysel attacking.Does anyone have a tip for it?I am so stuck with this problem -Espano-
  4. VeGeTTo

    new style mele

    O_O i have been thinking how was it like add mele like in cartoon and when it hits to slow down that colors [/url][/img] hope you understand the pinting O_O
  5. B

    How long wil 1.2 mele fites generly be??

    How long wil 1.2 mele fites generly be?? longer or shorter then 1.1 fites?
  6. tekhsheen

    mele sugestion

    i was thinking that the mele should look better, in this picyure, you can see that the tree is broken when you hit it!!enjoy!! :laff: ;)
  7. B

    will different chars have a bit different styles in 1.2 mele??

    will different chars have a bit different techniques in 1.2 mele?? like wil vegetas and trunks styles be exacly te same or a bit different o_O in oter words wil trunks be able to do som combos that nooone else can do,same wit oter chars
  8. B

    Beems or Mele, which is te pwner :p

    u like beems or mele better o_O dint put a beems and mele cause youl all go te easy way and pik it :p
  9. Logan4434


    ok ive decided to keep modeling since i apperently have fans(god knows how)anyway im making Hiei from Yu yu hakusho and need FULL BODY pics.i have plenty of face pics but almost none of his legs and lower torso.
  10. K

    mele spam

    im not sure if this has been brought up but, mele at the moment ruins the damn game, i mean yeah its ok but being sent flying across the map after one hit every time get kinda i dunno really anoying, and the thing is everyone spams it its horrible sure you can be a little whore and start mele...