1. Cold Steel

    [MANGA] Will he finally age ? *naruto spoilers*

    Well, from what i've read in the manga, there's going to be training for 3 years. They probably will not show the entire 3 years of training, and with the kakashi gaiden chapter showing up in the middle, I think we'll get to see an aged Naruto in the next chapter. What do you guys think ? I...
  2. Linda


    i hope this isnt considered advertising, but for those of you that remember sohl forums....... which i guess is smo, humpie, jc, and angela......... the forums are back. the site is still being renovated, so come back and visit. its a free for all forum....... spam to your heart's content...
  3. Suh Dude

    Your favorite Manga.

    My favorite manga is Naruto, and Slutz. ( One with concered stuff with it, showing nips. lol)
  4. Sicron

    [Spoilers]Naruto -- Manga 239

    Well i think this manga chapter let us know how kakashi got his sharingan...obito died(atleast thats what adult kakashi said) and obito says he in an uchiha, so as soon as obito dies i think kakashi gets his sharingan...but what i dont get is...if u look at this chapter it looks like kakashi is...
  5. Enix

    Naruto Manga CG

    Ever since i started reading the naruto manga i kept seeing all these kick ass CGs everywhere. And well in a recent manga issue i chose to do one finally ^_^ I know its not great, i can probally fix it up, but its another one of my CGs :P, yay.
  6. A

    [Spoilers]Naruto Manga 236

    I just read Manga 236.
  7. A

    What Anime Are you watching now? (Manga included)

    Well I'm not really watchin an anime YET But i'll be watching Gundam Seed Destiny 02 and Naruto 104
  8. A

    Manga thingy

    Yeah I put together a little intoduction on the 1st manga :D
  9. A

    Question about DB/Z/GT Manga

    Is it possible for a manga to be licensed? Or is it just illegal to download the DB/Z/GT manga?
  10. E

    Manga coloring

    I did my shading, its not as popular as Inane's way, but i like its soft look. I spent my last day of schooless summer doing this -__- Im dumb, but, i did have a bit of fun with it, tho doing the water over the clothes was a pain :\ I sponged it, then did low opacity blue brushing over...
  11. A

    Somebody tell me the name of this manga if anybody know's the name of this series and where i can get some ep's ill be greatfull
  12. I

    cab any1 make a map of the love hina manga?????

    it would be so cool if u could make a map of the love hina :laff: so try make the hina school
  13. CM

    Naruto Manga Chapter 209 (SPOILERS)

    What did everyone think of it? i thought it was absolutely kickass the way lee jumped in and nailed Kimimaro with the "Konoha Senpuu"
  14. SailorAlea

    Naruto: Anime vs Manga?

    I've heard this sentiment brought up several times. In my opinion, Naruto is one of the rare cases in which the anime is better then the manga version. Let's vote. (Please, only vote if you have actually READ the manga, AND seen the Anime. If you've only seen/read one, do not vote!)
  15. S

    Cartoons or Comics? Anime or Manga?

    well imo, i prefer comics\manga but which do you prefer?
  16. Ecchi Pr0n

    My ESF promise (Manga inside O_o)

    A long long time ago in a galexy far far away (2 years ago) I have promised ESF a manga . . . yea 2 years ago i was on the top of my game, now im a wash out, a loser, i cant even tone right! But that wont detuter me, i here give you the title page of the ESF manga Title : The Man Named...
  17. GMan

    Only come if you've read Naruto manga

    Voila! My first manga gif! ;)
  18. Jimesu_Evil

    My Manga Characters

    I made these characters up a long time ago. They started off looking like utter poop, but then they progressed over the years to finally adopt the Akira Toryama style of manga. Take a look: Gavin Rogun Marshal Guhra Some blue soldier dude working for Guhra I need to know if...
  19. Es_Trunks2

    Es_Trunks2's Pencil Anime

    I'll post all of my anime here so i dont have to make alot of threads, heres something i did at 5 am. not very good but i tried, goku based image, think of the expression as an "Oh Crap" moment **EDIT** I removed this image because it sucked too bad...go down for better drawings**EDIT**
  20. T

    First pages of my manga

    Hey, inspired by the works of David (DBNG) I' have started a fanmanga aswell and I have allready uploaded a couple pages (don't have a cover yet, If you have an idea for a cover just post it) So take a look and I would like to know what you think of it. But please don't tell me that I'm no...