1. SS2 Vegeto

    Dragonball Tier Top Ten (manga, canon discussion only)

    Top ten strongest, that appear in the manga basically. I like to sort of...gauge where everyone stands on things like this, because I like to debate. And am new to this forum. Anyway, backed by the manga, I'd have to say without much of a doubt: 1. MSSJ Vegetto 2. Gohan Buu 3. Vegetto 4...
  2. SS2 Vegeto

    Greatest Manga of All Time?

    In my opinion, Bleach. By far. I've read countless manga's, and yet (atleast up until the end of the soul society arc) nothing even comes remotely close, or even begins to approach it in my opinion. It expressed emotion clearer and heavier than any other manga I've read, outstripped everything...
  3. B

    Character from a old manga - dragonball

    The kama's competition somehow popup my attention to a old show, and decided to find the tools to build this character to bring the old memories back. Used to watch this show on video when I was younger hope you fellows like it modeled and mapped next texture, rige...
  4. Arsenovicius

    Bleach manga.

    Well i saw that a bleach manga (or generaly bleach anime ) missing from here !?!?!?! WTF. I'm watching both *naruto - bleach* i could say to those who don't know bleach yet.. GO CHECK IT FTW !!!! Anway ;p
  5. Rayos

    Death Note *Manga and Anime*

    I have been reading the manga for a little bit but the first two episodes of the anime just came out and i would just like to say....WOW I love it. The anime is sticking to the manga so far and it definitely gives that feeling of suspence and mystery...
  6. webber

    New manga

    Me and and a buddy of mine started a manga. Currently we are doing concept art. It still has no name (got to find one), the story is doing well and lays in the head of our writer. So here's the first of many to come: It's the first concept for the main character.
  7. Cold Steel

    *spoilers* Helsing manga. Do not view if you do not read the manga !!

    I just blasted through the manga and I was slapped by the obviousness. If you reverse Alucard, you get Dracula. It was stated in one of the last chapters, and I never even saw it once myself.
  8. webber

    Manga making questions

    So here it goes: 1.Are there any site on making manga?(not the drawings but making the scenes and the overal look of the manga) 2.Seeing how disapointing was DBGT, i wanted to make my own "sequell" to dbz. The question is: If the manga i plan to make the manga public, do i need somekind of...
  9. Jariroth

    [Bleach Manga Spoilers] Shode No Shirayuki(work in progress)

    Yeah, another High poly Zanpakutou. This time with even more higher poly hilt. Only thing is that i'm having a problem. That is the end of the hilt. I can't figure out how it looks like from these refs: If anybody got higher quality refs, or any idea how it works, or something. I...
  10. Brim

    Berserk Manga Possible Spoilers

    I just got done plowing through all 29 volumes and I'm super pumped about this series. I watched the anime and felt unresolved, so I picked this up. Damn...that's all I can say. Though I wish it came out faster (if I'm not mistaken its like 2 volumes a year). Anyways what is your take on the...
  11. Sicron

    Bleach 217 [Manga spoilers]

    Pretty interesting chapter. Seems Ichigo is getting a speed training again. I really want the next chapter, I wanna see the fight between Ichigo and Wichigo. Also, it was pretty interesting to see that the Vaizards already knew about Aizen & Co. I wonder who has been informing them, Urahara...
  12. wheres_

    BLEACH manga 213 spoilers

    So what did you all think? Does this mean that tousen was acting whilst fighting kenpatchi? He seems pretty bad ass now. Also I love ichimaru's new look, so cute so loveable. /me luvs gin.
  13. Sicron

    Full metal alchemist manga moving on?

    Well recently, I was reading some bleach forum and came across a FMA thread. And they were saying that the manga was still going on while the anime stopped. So, Does anyone know if this is true, and if it is, do I need to re-read every manga (because I have seen the anime episodes, but I have...
  14. DBZ master

    whats your favorate manga or anime

    my favorate anime is DBZ naruto and many others but these are all i can think of now whats yours
  15. Ravendust

    Hellsing/Ultimate Manga

    If i'm to believe correctly, the Hellsing anime is the first volume of the manga, and Hellsing Ultimate (Nazi's etc) is volumes 2 and above. Dark Horse have published 01-07, now what i'm wondering is if this is the end of the manga series, or if they're planning on bringing out more? The...
  16. A

    Trying to read Manga is pointless -.-

    Well just now I've been trying to read the latest Manga chapter of Naruto. And somehow, I want it to get to Firefox, not Internet Explorer. I want it to go to Firefox because, when I try to load it into it's normal browser, it's like a 10 second delay. And two, the picture won't get to it's...
  17. I

    my NEW art! [for a future manga type story]

    OK...some of you may know me (vashTS, .fma, TimK.) ...but I havn't been on my computer (it broke and still is) for months(like anyone even knowticed haha). But, I've done some drawings every once in a while since then. I'm actually planning on making some sort of story thing (almost like...
  18. S

    Akira - manga vs anime

    wow... i just finished reading the whole akira manga... and i must say i was completely blown away by it... I was blown away by the anime at one point, but after reading the manga, it just doesnt compare at all. Has anybody read the manga? its 6 volumes, but its damn worth it. I was also...
  19. Sicron

    [Manga] NARUTO 245 first pictures! [Mega spoilers]

    well the first pictures of naruto AND sakura being older have arrived, atleast if they are not fake (which i am almost certain of that they are NOT fake) Please do not watch any further if you dont want to see them until the actual chapter comes out...
  20. Tassadar

    Naruto Dissappointment (116-117) *NO MANGA SPOILERS*

    Is it just me? Or is Naruto getting progressively worse? For 30 minutes of the 40 minutes special, I watched that tard spider guy narrate everything over and over again. I'm tired of sitting and watching someone talk to themself explaining how they just pulled off a move for 10 minutes of a...