1. A

    my new sig/avantar need critz!

    i need your critz. This is the 3thd time i use photoshoop so i am the bigest n00b in it... but here is my new sig/avantar SIG: AVANTAR: This Web banner i made for a CS clan: And at last my avantar i use in the "CS" forums so... what do you guys think? // ZioN
  2. Eon

    Perfect Cell

    Could someone pleas make a Perfect Cell skin to replace Cell for 2?
  3. Monki

    Main Menu animation problem...

    Ok, now I'm not sure if I'm the only person who has this problem, but it also happens in Day of Defeat and any other mods with the animated title screens. I open up the mod, either from a short-cut or from custom game menu in Half-Life. When ESF comes up, and the name with the lightning bolts on...
  4. D

    How do you guys make YOUR sigs?

    I found a tutorial on how to make this 1337 ASS BG...( me it is :p ) I just wanna know how you guys make ur images look like this I tried fiddlyin around with blending options...(hoping it was OVERLAY..)but i couldnt figure it out. wut do u guys use? i just wanna learn...
  5. V

    FGD file ?

    :cry: Ummm, don't i need a FGD file to start mapping, if "yes" were do i get it ?O_O
  6. catfish

    stupid suggestion about news on main page

    i just thought when you put the release times, specify the DATE as well. it said 2am GMT which I thought was 2AM GMT on the 27th Nov, 2pm AU EST. It should be 2AM GMT on the 28th. I'm a day early...
  7. L

    my newly made picture

    ok what do you think about it guys?
  8. Ranma

    I know this map won't be in beta, but..

    Alright, i know this map won't be in beta, but since beta isn't out yet anyway, well, heres my question, I went to red sayjin, and went into ESF maps, i saw the korin tower one, i dl it, and put it in the correct folders and such, but when ever i click create game and choose that map, the...
  9. S

    for the ESF_TEAM

    ey ESF_TEAM how are u guys i have a question: How many maps are left or are they all done and: whats left for he beta Models are done, maps dont know?, so whats left? but u guys do a great job!:D
  10. Kama

    Kama & Kenshin together at last

    Well my friend Kenshin had drawn a picture. (He isn't on these or any other forums either so don't go looking for him. We also might be doing a new KK with him as my artist. If any of the ESF people are from DMZ you probably know about my KK.) And I shaded the main girl in it for him. So I'd...
  11. Naz

    My first wallpaper

    Hiya I dicided to make my first wallpaper, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result :) The pic of Gohan is by AZN_Dragon all credit goes to him any c&C + suggestions is welcome grtz Naz-
  12. Hsu

    My Splash Screen

    Well I saw all the splash screens being made so I made my own one. If you want to use it you can get the bmp here.... be scared its over 800 kb.. >_< It looks really nice in game.
  13. C

    Wherez The Modelz? Yo!

    OK this site is kool but where do i get the models? its not clear to mee where the link is 2 the models! could sum1 post a link 4 m2 thanx:D :devgrin: CAPTAIN CONTERICA :devgrin:
  14. SierraSonic

    HL Main Menu

    Would you be able to code a different resolution for the HL Main Menu to work under, like instead of 640x480, you can make it 800x600. That would be great because then you can make ESF even better with graphics, even if they are pointless Menu GFX. I still would like an answer though, because...
  15. Chimpbot

    Janenba! Have a Looksee!

    Well.. Somebody asked for it.. So I delivered.... JANENBA! I'm not too sure of my opinion on this one... I know it has some major flaws... Well... you guys do your thing. Comment, etc.
  16. S

    Digitally Inclined V.3

    Well, I'm not really sure I'm allowed to post this but it deals with artwork. This morning I finally completed my portfolio pretaining to artwork :) I really want to know what you guys think of it. You can check it out at Http:// Please give it a rating out of 10 :D Most pages...
  17. N

    sig test

    dunno if this is the right place... but oh well...
  18. Big Bang Attack

    ESF main site

    Oh thats cool man if u dont know its that rocks
  19. Virtigo Seven

    Gundam models anyone?

    Can anyone make a good Gundam model?
  20. Loki

    Main Page

    Is that win32.kliez thingy on the main page a worm virus? Or just a e-mail spammer that bugs u? *EDIT*-Opps this is meant to be in off-topic sry!