1. xstortionist

    I need opinions on 2 of my portfolio sites....I CANT CHOOSE!!!! need your help!!!

    I made like 5 portfolio sites, and I narrowed them down to 2 layouts. I want to know which layout looks best. or
  2. T

    Faces model skinned by metro-tek(W.I.P.)

    here take a look so far tell me what you think
  3. Akhkaru

    LightWave 3D Modeling help

    I searched all over, but I cannot find a tutorial that tells how to make character models for half life or stuff, Gmax is confusing, but I wanna use Lightwave 3D, andyone know where I could find some tutorials?
  4. Antoine3323

    Teleportation Probs!!

    Ive have been havin probs trying to get teleportation to work!! The main prob is when I compile the map, the trigger for the teleportatio isnt there!! Any suggestions???
  5. G

    look at my model, who should it be?

    I was making a generic human model, but I was wondering who do you think I should make it into? Goku, Vegeta? so far its like 1100 polys, also is it any good???????? I want to make it vegeta but i dunno
  6. L

    Help Me Please

    ok i just got milkshape and i made a square!!!!!!!! my best model .but now i am completely stuck does have a tutorial they can e-mail me or a site that has good tutorials on it pleeeasseee i wanna make ssj3 goku
  7. D

    Maps to dl on main site!

    Could you please put maps that arnt in the package on the main site? cause im on a modem & beofre i can funnly get a map I time out:S so i cant go into any server with a new map:cry: 1 map is esf_lagoon PLEASE i love the vbcode:)
  8. Akhkaru

    Me trying to model

    Ok, I've been wanting to model characters since 1 1/2 yrs. ago, I want some tutorials for Milkshape 3d, the free vers. thanks
  9. A

    I need ESF worldcraft settings

    Where can i find the settings for making a map for ESF.:cry: