1. C

    Model Sites

    Does anyone know any other ESF model sites with a wide variety other than thanx~
  2. V

    Piccolo's tranformation

    Anyone else think that esf should have piccolos untransformed model with his cape and hat and when he does transform he looses the cape and hat? I think him jsut sittign and meditating and he jsut gains more p/l eh should have something diffrent when eh transform...
  3. Skinnerfool

    A hint

    If ur making a radditz model why don't u mind use this ssj3 vegeta so u don't have to make the hair and thiis hair is perfct anyways here ya go
  4. T

    main page stuff

    ok guys, what does VERY SOON mean? like next week, the end of this week? give us some info
  5. V

    Put sites with ESF models here

    Also put links to models here if you want. This way everyone stops whining about what models they want and how they can't find them. I've got a few so try to put more in that I dont have. And everyone put this in your favorites. I think the admins and model creators would be happy if we...
  6. C

    Can someone help a n00b out?

    I have been interested in modeling for hl mods for a while. I have never used milkshape before, but i think i can maybe learn. Im only 14 and im not the sharpest tool in the shed, but if you can explain good i can learn. Can someone here give me a whole explanation and teach me step by step how...
  7. U

    This sucks...

    First they tell us that they would update the site on 13 february then they said to 18 february, AND NOW ITS STILL NOT ****ING UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: ;( :S :\ :(
  8. K

    more villains! and hench main henchmen!

    dabura,zarbon, ect. u guys think there shuld be more villains?i mean buu,cell,and frieza?
  9. TimTheEnchantor

    Quick update ....

    Alright, I've cleaned up my site, and added a few more userfriendly links etc.. Turns out the host I will have is a old friend of mine from a game I used to play and didn't know it was him till last night, so I'm guarenteed a spot and on wednesday he will have the ftp and site listed on the...
  10. G

    New Kid Buu

    This is my newest model kid buu This is my 3rd real model and only my first skin so if you have any tips or any thing tell me( do not mention the hands I was lazy and had to many polies already) You can see this at my website
  11. D

    Read This

    Hey, Alright first off to break the ice i own and just to name a few. We have created a series you can call it a fan fic after dbgt and we are making the first animated episode in 3d with models. if you have any models you would like to let us use and get credit for...
  12. DiebytheSword

    Atomic Divisions Marine for Contact Imminent

    Contact Imminent marine Do not use without permission. Crits?

    king kai map?

    Is anyone making a king kai map?
  14. A

    piccolo with cape

    i am really looking for a model of piccolo with cape, i know this is a subject that is on the order several times, but i can't find the piccolo i am looking for on this forum. But you people say that there are 2 so, please help me
  15. Sonic the Vampire

    Where's my main man Tien?

    I've seen forums yelping about removing Krillin and bringing in Goten because of the power level difference and all that, but I haven't seen anything about Tien. Tien is a bad-ass, admit it. Even though he's got a low power level his techniques allowed him to smash the hell out of Cell's...
  16. D

    Update the main page more

    Update the news on the main page more?
  17. Naz

    Infected ><

    yea... a wallpaper :D comments and crits? grtz Naz
  18. harSens

    About the alpha2.0 code

    The link on the main page gives you uncompilable code. Try this link instead: You can use my code for whatever you want, as long as it is covered in the valve sdk license. This does not mean you can use any other piece of the esf alpha or beta...
  19. E


    Hi I'm searching a map called Orbit where can I get it?
  20. E

    Prowler- 's art thread

    Well...I'll try to update here allot and post new art .... Here is some stuff I just made for Dragonmod Central admin ( M A T R I X ) Avatar Sig