1. S

    A New Rs Vegeta Tell Me what u think

    i did this for fun today and i was woundering of what u peeps think about it should it be done or put it in the trash pic is on this link im very :tired: stayed up from 530 AM to 730 AM after being up all night i just couldnt get the model the way i liked it but heres and updated pic i...
  2. dillinger smith

    Nappa model, Please...

    Now, I just want to start off by saying I am sorry if this has been suggested before, and I searched the forum for this and didn't find it (looked and used the search button). Now I was just wondering if any one has made or wants to make a nappa model... because I love nappa he is a true sayan...
  3. Z

    tmnt pack

    ok lissen i got a friend at school who is willing to help me a litlle with joints i got the foot done who can host a pic for me it replaces picalo im curently working on cassy
  4. H

    Inuyasha wallpaper

    Yeah you guys are probably getting tired of this...
  5. H

    Kenshin wallpaper

    wonder if i should just make an art topic here and renew it like i do at dmz forums oh well Just messing with a simple style still, I liked how well kenshin expressed emotions with facial features and decided to do this.. comments?
  6. |Da|K|


    Exceptince watcha all think?
  7. T

    Why does'nt the beta 1.1 work in the main menu?

    1. download model 2. create folder in player folder named as the modle 3. save it in the new folder 4. open esf 5. write model ........ 6. the ........ means the name of the modle
  8. Nuttzy

    animating questions

    im doing my first complete model from scratch, (no edit, no parts from my other models, all new skeleton and animations) ive got the model done, all it needs is skinning, which i will do later i was gonna let bob do it, but he ignored it so ill ignore him (jk bob catch me on aim)...
  9. Escobar

    Wogasm Designs

    heres a look at my latest design, i think it came out well, wot do you guys at home think? :p oh btw thanks to naz for the idea of i guess the poster layout and the stars :yes:
  10. A

    Leon Spades

    another one of my first attempts at drawing and colouring an origonal concept and character... please comment (he's the bad guy) NOTE: I'm gonna do a small page for a potential manga with him and Thymos as soon as I familiarize myself with the characters... this one's inspired by my face ^_^
  11. R

    ssj 3 goku

    hiho, can someone help me plz i cant find super sayan 3 goku for esf and i like goku :( plz help me i already visted many sites but stil they are difference plz thanxS
  12. R


    hiho, can someone tell me where i can download models for esf thank you very mutch byebyeo_o
  13. E

    skinning faces

    if any1 needs skinning faces i can draw yous out an outline of the characters face that you need to skin . you can color it and shade it the way u want ill just draw the main lines ^_^ . i can draw it very accuratly to make the skin look exactly like the real thing . um this is the only dbz...
  14. -ThrillKill-

    Counter-Strike Splash Image

    Recently a friend of mine began constructing the newest version of his Counter-Strike pack which he lovingly calls the Pingmaster Pack. Using his alias as the pack's title, he has created a very interesting bundle of custom models, animations, and sounds, all dug up out of the vastness of the...
  15. K

    importing models

    I was wondering how you import models into milkshape so i can edit them?
  16. Bryggz

    HELP ME! i need reference pics for hellsing's main character

    hey guys! im keeping up with the whole "stay away from dbz-themed characters" bit, and im make a model from the guy in hellsing, but all the reference pics i have of him are low quality and very........far away from him.....i would appreciate some good side pics and front close up pics, and...
  17. DBZFever

    Is there anything easier?

    Is there anything easier than MilkShape for a beginner modeler? It doesn't have to be as good, just good enough for the beginner.
  18. VivaLaPineapple

    yes its a wallpaper

    i came across a tutorial that looked fun so i gave it a shot. im aware the grid is overused but i like it on this image. comments and critz plz
  19. Escobar

    WIP layout crits and comments plz.. crits r important, but remember this is still very WIP
  20. S

    Admin Server Package / Tools

    Hey You guys, I'm looking for a Admin Server Package / Tool / Program to host my own ESF server cause playing ESF on the same computer while being server is not really what I was looking for since I sometimes wanna grab to eat and can't exit the server cause I'm being IT myself So you guys...