1. S

    Some settings to low's PC or Medium...

    Hello, i have a idea, and there idea are add Settings to reduce graphics to minimun. Like Disable shadows or someting, reduce the minimun particles and effects, on/off shadows, on/off Reflections, on/off reflection of the water on/off the sun shader, or disable all or reduce to te minum to a...
  2. .Maze

    Low PL Starting Level...

    Hi. Well i quess its not everyone favourite Suggestion but well. its mine <3 :-P... I dont know what the Starting Powerlevels for the Future Release is so i just show it by the current PL List... Example: Right now Gokus starts at 750.000 PL and his TransPL requires 1.750.000 My...
  3. Suh Dude

    Need recommendations for a book

    I need something thats between 250-500 pages and something that I can do for a silent film with a low budget or less people. If you can give me some information of what the book is about. I was thinking of reading "I Am Legend" since the book is a little different from the movie.
  4. grOOvy

    Apple iPad

    http://www.apple.com/ipad/ Anyone going to get one of these? I'm thinking about getting the low-end one for my Mum as a computer to use around the house. She currently uses a thinkpad from work, so this might be a more exciting and simple way to browse the web and check email.
  5. Uindo

    Low spec pc?

    I tried running esf 1.2.3 on another computer yesterday and it had 5 fps, and while paused it was 10 fps the hardware was 512MB ram, 2GHz processor and 64MB graphics card. Then I also ran half-life and it still had low fps (but more than esf). Could it be that having multiple accounts even if...
  6. Skyrider

    TF2 for the low price of $2.49 - Halloween Special!

    Source: http://teamfortress.com
  7. Z

    Low HP changes

    I have some idea :cool: The reason is when you have low hp then you have blood on face and clothes and when you're going lower then you have more blood and your clothes are'nt so clear:)
  8. Nuttzy

    low poly thread, whos with me.

    ill start, (may or may not texture it) 70 tris over my goal, but the hair came out a bit sloppy. im sure if i didnt count the sword (which i shouldnt) and cleaned that up i could meet my 500 tri budget easily =P.
  9. Kaination

    First -real- attempt at low poly modeling.

    don't ask me how many verticies, i gotta check that out, but here's what i got so far. file is at school so here's the only current picture i have.
  10. Kaination

    First attempt at low poly character modeling

    Using this tutorial, with Maya, I created! http://www.3dtotal.com/team/Tutorials/benmathis/benmathis_body_1.asp So, what can I do to merge the limbs together? Also, how can I fix the buttox, aka, the ass? Crits much appreciated since this is my first attempt and I want to create more...
  11. VideoJinx

    VideoJinx Low poly game char

    Welp im making my very first model for a game, and it's low poly. So far i've been making its basic shape and it only has 1.1k polies with the smooth. ( This was about 300 or so without the msmooth ) <embed src="http://img90.imageshack.us/slideshow/smilplayer.swf" width="426"...
  12. S

    I need a 3d max tutorial for modeling a low poly character

    hi i write this for request a 3ds max 5 tutorial like this: http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=51111 but that the explain be will better. please, dont send me to www.poopinmymouth.com because i dont understand the English spoken, I only understand the english writing...
  13. D

    Low Ping Server Physics

    What'sitdo? It's a server side option, and I'd like to know what effects it has.
  14. Sandstorm

    Low power mode

    Kind of like the regular ESF modes, but, the characters have lower amounts of power to start with. Like, characters could start off with triple digit power, and rather than the typical gains they would gain a scaled amount based on their level of power. As one could expect, at such low...
  15. Kreshi

    low poly model

    It?s not a comeback. It?s just a little work. I haven?t draw or model anything for 1.5 years, so don?t be too strict Polycount in Quads: 512 Polycount in Triangles [Faces]: 984 Drawing time: ~15 min Modeling time: ~5 hours? I can?t remember, it was very long >_<... too long...
  16. R

    my attack are low

    how do i make my beam better? Because i have make Kamehameha vs Blueattack and my kamehameha was lower
  17. B

    Slig low poly .. lmao

  18. Mr. Phonso

    Uber low polyness - Mario

    Itsa me, Mario! lets see how this goes
  19. liad

    suggestion abaut when u have low hp

    i think when u have low hp like 2 u shouldnt only wont be able to ascend and lose life but also be slowed down and maybe the one that as 2 hp will start seeing the game blory till he dies that way he can feel that hes abaut too fall down and get killed or maybe make at like even before like on...
  20. ShadyD

    Tutorial: Modeling low poly hands (3dsmax)

    Sigh, i feel lazy... I am writing this while doing this myself so bare with me im only human oh well. Lets use Ravensofts' hands as a ref. http://img67.imageshack.us/img67/1626/reference3zq.jpg now than.. grab a smoke or a coke cuz this is one long tut. lets set up our refs. that pic is 640...