1. Spunky

    Wanted: New Sub

    If anyone is up for the job, I need a new Sub. This means someone who: Is smarter than the rest of this forum. Listens to ****ty acoustic music. Tells me all about their love for ****ty acoustic music. Reads Reddit religiously. Occasionally sends me awesome pictures and videos. Is willing to...
  2. G

    Peace and love

  3. Viper

    Gotta love Morrowind

    Cookies for whoever recognizes the building.
  4. ESFfanBoilol

    RAWR i love ESF lol..

    well hello i'm new and stuff >< frist time i play ESF was a week ago at a friends and we had a lan of 5people +me lol and i fell in love with it. xD it was so much fun i played on my friends spare laptop ^^ so now i'm geting it.. lol i got steam now i just have to buy HL1 >< but i'm broke until...
  5. B

    I love boobies!!!! Tee hee they jiggle!

    Now that I have your attention, I have a task for you. The winner gets to bare my children. So, there was this one guy, long time ago, who made a really really kick ass adv. melee suggestion. All I remember is he had "ONE" in his name, somewhere. PCJoe loved the idea and everything, though...
  6. Tsunami

    a serious question about love.

    I know this may not be the best place to ask, but here it goes. Basically, I'm 23, and in love with a friend that lives in Australia. Problem is, she's 35, married and has 2 kids. What do I do? I really do love her, but how do I tell her without ruining our friendship and ending up in...
  7. Zeonix

    How would you show your love for the poster above you?

    The Nix is the only being above me, so I'd give her a kitten. You know, so when her present cat-form dies, she has another body to possess.
  8. fatmanterror

    1 2 3 4 I love the Marine Corps.

    Hey everybody, this is fatmanterror clearly. I used to be pretty active on these forums back in highschool. God, 2001 seems like it was centuries ago. Anywhoo the reason I have been gone since then is that I got involved with the Marine Corps and I'm now proud to say I'm in the officer...
  9. Chakra-X

    What do you hate to love

    ^Second parody thread What do you love, but hate the fact that you do? I hate the fact that I love to sleep only when I have homework. I also hate the that I love a good knuckles cracking.
  10. Chakra-X

    What do you hate to love

    ^Second parody thread What do you love, but hate the fact that you do? I hate the fact that I love to sleep only when I have homework. I also hate the that I love a good knuckles cracking.
  11. Zeonix

    What do You Love?!

    I love women, my cat (who is female, so I don't know if I love the cat cause she's a cat or because she's female) and words.
  12. Zeonix

    Why Don't You Love Me, Baby? While this story is wholly uninteresting at first glance, the results of their experiment does raise an interesting question. That question, of course, being "Is morality hardwired into us or something taught by outside forces?". I'm of the...
  13. Viper

    Doctor Love...

    Thanks to Enix and his big Naruto refs archive i was motivated to make a model using them. No need to tell you guys who he is...
  14. Taran

    I love this so

    okay i love the idea of have custom models you can choice and still have the orgianals but is there going to be a custom sound file for you extra models so lets say i have Adult Gohan normal model and i Dl a Chibi Gohan can i have a sound pack for that Chibi Gohan and still have the normal voice...
  15. E

    I love the...

    1.3 animations. I know they're all not in yet but thats some sexy work. Each character is more unique. Looking forward to seeing more.
  16. Phobius

    Got to love the cable/internet tech support.

    Well a few weeks ago my gf decided to get this new fancy internet phone thing without telling me because I was away on work for about 3 days. Anyways she called ahead to bell(My phone service company) and told them to disconnect our phone line on the 8th or something like that when the next bill...
  17. KidMan

    Teenagers sure love to die.

    It's that time again when things go bump in the night and teenagers have that aweful habit of dying all the time. You think that in the movies, they'd kill off old people or kids but noooo, they target teenagers. Why?
  18. jp

    Maybe you hate them, maybe you love 'em

    I know Magus hates them ;o Cats, I love cats D: We just got a new kitten, she's allready quite a few months old, and she's sooo cute ^^ even when she's eating the furniture! I could post this in the "post your faces" topic, but, this isn't my face now is it? Her name is Anouk o/ and...
  19. Skyrider

    You gotta love Gmail (Google Mail)

    Did you knew, you can use multiple emails with Gmail? So you can send emails with different kind of emails through gmail if you wanted to. An example below: I'd say, Gmail is getting much more improved. Now i can finally send emails with my HL2Files email! :D For those who are wanting to...
  20. Rayos

    Sarutobi's Index to Love through ESF

    Extending from Dark's Latest post, I am bringing to you my latest index of Love Handling and making through ESF. is the origin of this INDEX I. The Basics 1. Mentioning you got your love advice from a video game: Don't...