1. C

    your high school love?

    This is mainly out of a curiosity, and for the forum posters with actual experience. Lately I’ve been thinking about high school relationships. Everyone’s had high school experiences, and during those 4 years there MUST have been one girl/guy that you fell completely head over heels for. The...
  2. KilledWithStyle

    The All Powerfull Love Thread

    This is just a verry simple game. Heres how it works: Compliment the person before you in some mannor/shape/form , I dont care. Hint: You don't have to know the person, just complement him/her based on what you see from them. Just have fun.
  3. F

    Gotta love that new car smell!

    Except the only problem is, is it's not a new car :D I just got a 95 Mazda 626 5 speed manual :D 4 cylinders of furry. It only has 114 horse power, but i'm used to a 85 horse power car so it runs great for me. I'm wicked excited, I was driving it all night tonight. So I figured I'd let you...
  4. F

    I love you Sarutobi Sensei, you make know.... youuuu know!

    HAPPY MOTHER ****IN' BIRTHDAY!!!!! I love you SS! She's all yours ;)
  5. Volosity

    DBZ Bojack Gohan <-- GOT LOVE IT

    hehe i Dled all the DBZ Movies and i decided to start off in gmax this time still learning tho lol here is what i got so far.... Badd*ss huh lol i finniah got off milkshape :O i love gmax hehe no more crappy models, things to Fix: - Make Legs - Learn to Extrude - Finnish Shirt -...
  6. MopageBoy

    Love's Wind I + II

    A Naruto Spin off. It is the same time, same place, diffrent people, diffrent story. Enjoy. I posted here because there is a lot of fan fic fans and fight club fans here. here is volume one and two of the story. Now be nice this is my first and second go at writing something like this :D...
  7. ZeroNightmare

    For the love of god... Stalker!

    Saiyan_Overlord Newbie Registration Date: 07-08-2005 Posts: 3 Location: Sydney Australia Rate Member Level: 1 [?] Experience: 9 Next Level: 10 1 points of experience needed for next level Reply to this Post Post Reply with Quote Edit/Delete Posts Report Post to a...
  8. KidMan

    Would love it

    I think would be awesome if the team could have it so it looks like energy is coming to one spot and if the ball attacks and more something to it. I recently played the MechMod and was please to find was I was talking about. I'm posting two pictures. This picture shows the energy gathering to...
  9. Y

    Need Help of Love Professionals...

    Im in desperate need of Love Professionals! Ok you all know that im AZN My friends said that im cool and stuff... Ok one day.. I saw this girl whos really hot... Shes American.. You know White... White people... Ok... She makes eye contact on me.. What should I do? COME ON IM ONLY IN...
  10. grOOvy

    WoW Video: Not Just Another Love Story

    Ahahahahaha! If there is one thing bigger than WoW to distract me from my studies, it's this freaking video! What do you get when you mix a nerd who is the best video maker there is and World of Warcraft? You get 'Not Just Another Love Story'...
  11. OubliezJe

    Serious Topic: Love.

    How many of you are in love and enjoy the great feeling of having her/him around?
  12. jp

    WOW, i just LOVE STEAM!

    Steam, better then won, sure is, but.....try to update it, and it gives an error that makes no sense at all! :p Deleting steam.exe??? WTF??!?, its okay if it wants to update, but when i see he wants to delete it, and even fails, i wonder what those guys at valve are doing. I know...
  13. PiXel

    Unbreakable love... SLava

    Well i did this sig for my Girly.... What u thinking? :]
  14. Enix

    New sig, gotta love it

    Inspired by adultswim.
  15. S

    I'd love to play ESF more but...

    I enjoy playign ESF from time to time, but when i do play, I often find that tehre is a strong lack of good servers. Most of the ones i see are all passworded, or have so many people playing that it's not really fun and it lags like hell. I'd host my own server if i could but alas, im on a...
  16. Majin Pool

    You moderators rulez, i love you!!!!

    Man, i can't believe how fast you guys respond, wow. I just love you moderators!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!! :yes:
  17. Soulicro

    :sigh: young love

    God dammit... sorry Im posting this up here, I just had to let it out and everybody is asleep over here x_x I moved to the states when I was 11. Originally, Im from Israel. In the beginning it was only my parents and I, since my bro and sis had to go to the army... but now theyre off, and my...
  18. D

    Come love me.

    Yeah new sigs. >_>
  19. M

    Gotta love these guys.

    Lol this comic is to true, have a look if u haven't seen it.
  20. I

    cab any1 make a map of the love hina manga?????

    it would be so cool if u could make a map of the love hina :laff: so try make the hina school