1. S

    Half life 2 Gold: $100 Dollars

  2. DBXMe2

    HR GIGER Still life project comments?

    here is a model I made with a friend, not going to edit the model, cause well.. I'm lazy, and dont have a MAC to work onto it, so I cant edit the model, even if I wanted to.. and besides was for school, and for marks.. so really dont care.. BUT if I was to change something what would it be...
  3. A

    Anime = Geekish Nerds With No Life?!?

    Normally i dont let what people think get too me. But Recently, ive had a chat with some of my friends at school and happen to brought up anime, and was pretty much teased about it. They say it's for nerds, people with no lifes and are childish for watching cartoons and ect. And well,i just...
  4. sub

    Half life 2 question

    I'm just wondering, if you just buy halflife 2 from the store, will you be able to download Day of defeat: Source, Halflife: Source and cs: Source for free or do you have to buy the bronze steam offer for to play them?
  5. Not So SSJ

    Half Life Single Player.....

    I decided the other day that i'd play through the single player of the original half life while waiting for hl2 to come out. After playing for hardly anytime at all i noticed bugs. Bugs everywhere dammit. At loading screens our favourite hero in the orange suit would stick to the floor or wall...
  6. S

    Half life 2, Hands in the air!

    According to gamespot, half life 2 can be held hostage for up to 6 months, sucks for all the hl2 fans if they do ;/.
  7. DJ-Ready

    Risk Your Life

    well, im curious.... so, anyone plays RYL? if so, on which server? im a lvl43 (or was it 44 lol) sin on cheiron :)
  8. E

    What is your meaning of life?

    Another thoughtful question. What is your meaning of life? Ive heard alot recently and decided to make a thread asking yous. Oh please no flaming or religional arguments. My meaning of life is "live a happy life, contribute to society and to the next generation"
  9. Soulicro

    Half Life 2 News

    Yup, here are some.
  10. K

    mode for half life

    first i want to say sorry about my english i fron israel and sombody pliz can give me the mode that i can play esf in the half life i realy don't think that i come back to tis forum so contact me in my icq 228663314
  11. S

    Half Life 2 Dialogue Leakz0red! Bahaha. Oh, and new BINK video released: